Why did Tina Turner renounce her US citizenship? Learn all there is to know about the legendary singer’s citizenship.

Tina Turner passed away on Wednesday, May 24, 2023. She is regarded as one of the greatest music icons of all time, and despite being born in Brownsville, Tennessee, she spent more than two decades in Switzerland. Turner eventually gave up her US citizenship to live abroad. 

Turner gave up her US citizenship in order to be with her partner, who remained in Switzerland. Turner had a lot of success in Europe. And, because Bach had previously lived abroad, she saw no reason to return to the United States. “I have left America because my success was in another country and my

boyfriend was in another country,” Turner told Larry King in 1997, according to the New York Post. “Basically, Europe has been very supportive of my music. … My boyfriend moved there to run the company, and I always wanted to go to Switzerland and I was very happy.”

Bach also told a local newspaper that he and Turner felt "very comfortable" in Switzerland. Turner and Bach were also unable to purchase property in Switzerland because they lacked citizenship.