Pat Robertson – Net Worth, Salary, Personal Life, and More

Pat Robertson married Adelia "Dede" Elmer in August 1954, and they had been married for some years at this point. Gordon, Anne, Elizabeth, and Tim are the children of the couple's marriage. Robertson and his wife have numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Robertson has been involved in a range of charitable and humanitarian endeavors during his professional career. He established the groundwork for what would become Operation Blessing International, a philanthropic organization that assists those in need through humanitarian aid, disaster relief, and medical assistance.

Robertson's net worth is estimated to exceed $100 million, according to reports. The majority of Robertson's income comes from his considerable commercial operations in the media, such as the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), which he founded in 1960. CBN has established itself as a significant Christian media firm, 

and "The 700 Club," the network's longest-running and most well-known show, has been on the air for several years. Pat Robertson graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History from Washington and Lee University, where he also studied. Following that, he pursued a legal education at Yale Law School, where he eventually got a Juris Doctor degree.

 After briefly practicing law, Robertson decided to devote his life to the church. In 1960, Robertson launched the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) as a small UHF television station in Virginia. CBN was initially transmitted from Virginia.

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