Is Selena Gomez single? Singer sends social media on fire after viral TikTok video

Let's take a look at Selena Gomez's most recent TikTok video, in which the 30-year-old singer is seen wrapped in blankets and sitting on the ground. While it's unknown where the video was shot, Selena appears to be having a great time at a football practice session. She eagerly shouts at the males in the video, 

declaring "I am single" and expressing her love for them. As she spends quality time with her pals, the singer emits a pleasant disposition. Selena has previously stated that she is unmarried. In an earlier TikTok video, she joked, "No, I'm fine. "I'm totally fine being single, it's a real thing, it's fine," she says as she sits alone next to two couples engaged in PDA. Social media users 

reacted quickly to Selena's latest TikTok video, with some taking a lighthearted approach. One user remarked on her calm demeanor, telling others to take notes and claiming that she is the "internet's main character" who is always serving up drama. Another Twitter user praised her sincerity, saying Selena is "so real" about her deeds. Some admirers in the video pushed the males to pay attention to 

Selena's daring approach, emphasizes her shooting. Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik were spotted spending time together at a restaurant in March of this year. A source revealed that Zayn had always admired Selena, but their relationship is not currently in a super serious phase. 

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