Cameron Robbins GoFundMe Update

Cameron Robbins is an entrepreneur. Cameron Robbins, a Louisiana kid, is believed to have fallen off a cruise ship in the Bahamas on May 24, 2023. According to Newsweek, after Robbins went overboard, the populace was terrified and 

believed there was a shark in the sea. Following the incident, the 18-year-old's family and friends began a GoFundMe effort to raise funds for the victim's mother. The campaign exceeded its $10,000 goal by $17,865.

The Royal Bahamas Defense Force searched for any signs that Cameron Robbins was nearby. They discovered that the likelihood of survival decreases as the search progresses. The US Coast Guard was also present during the operation.

According to his GoFundMe page, Cameron Robbins, who attended The University Lab High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, graduated from high school and promptly began the trip.

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