Was John Cena in the Military? Did Randy Orton serve in the Military? Top 5 WWE stars to have served in the military

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John Cena has often thanked the military and often salutes while coming out but is he one of the stars to have served in the military?

The answer is no, John Cena has never served in the military but has a close connection with the US army through lots of tribute to the troops event participation during his time at WWE. Cena has been a constant promoter and admirer of the Military.

John Cena is one of the biggest stars in WWE. The American has featured in several movies related to the military and his entrance also sees him salute before coming down the ramp.

The multi-time World champion holds the military in high regard and spoke about his respect for them to WWE:

“Every night when I do that salute, it’s also a sign of respect to the men and women that don the uniform of the Armed Forces.”

Although Cena is not one of the big names to have served in the military, many have actually done that.

Was John Cena in the military
John Cena is one of the biggest stars in WWE at the moment (Image credit: Getty)

WWE has a history of working with stars who were part of the forces, and here are the top 5 stars to have served in the military.

#5 Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans hasn’t made her mark in WWE yet, but she has been featured in some fights already.

The Southern Belle is currently feuding with Sasha Banks and Bayley and could get a shot at the latter’s title.

Sasha Banks and Lacey Evans
Sasha Banks and Lacey Evans during the segment (Image credit: WWE)

However, Evans also has spent time with the military. The WWE star was part of the Marine Corps SWAT team before joining the Performance Center.

That training should come in handy to the star, and it will be interesting to see how she does on the main roster.

#4 Kevin Nash

Big Sexy might have done a lot of damage during his WCW days, but he did well in WWE too.

Nash was a decent basketball player and even played in the NCAA. He featured in European leagues before picking up an injury and joining the 202nd Military Police Company.

Nash was stationed at a NATO facility before he returned to the States and joined the world of wrestling.

#3 Freddie Blassie

Blassie is a Hall of Famer and has an incredible story or two about serving in the military. He was an accomplished wrestler and managed some big names such as the Iron Sheik, Muhammad Ali and even Hulk Hogan.

The WWE legend was a World War II veteran and was part of the US Navy. Blassie was discharged after the war in 1946 and served three years at Pacific Theatre.

#2 Sgt Slaughter

Sgt Slaughter is a legend in the business and is a former WWE champion too. Robert Remus actually joined the United States Marine Corps after graduating from high school and picked up his wrestling moniker then.

Sgt Slaughter
Sgt Slaughter is a WWE legend (Image credit: Getty)

He initially started his career as Super Destroyer II and wore a mask. However, he will always be remembered as the hard-as-nails Sgt Slaughter in WWE.

#1 Randy Orton

The Viper is one of the greatest WWE stars from this generation and has won several titles during his time in the company.

Randy orton
Randy Orton is one of the best WWE performers from recent times

The 39-year-old might be feuding with AJ Styles now, but Orton holds the record for being the youngest WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Orton is a third-generation WWE star and was also part of the US Marine Corps. The son of Cowboy Bob Orton spent only one year in the service before finding his true calling, wrestling.

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