Vince McMahon Sex Scandal: Who were involved? The total money spent to cover it?

Vince McMahon sex scandal

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Former WWE CEO Vince McMahon recently stepped down from his position of power after several cases about his sexual misconduct came to being

It was announced by WWE last month that, Vince McMahon would be stepping down as the CEO and chairman. But McMahon still held control over his responsibilities related to the company’s creativity. As per a report from, The Wall Street Journal, Vince had to a huge sum to 4 different women.

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon Sex Scandal: Who were involved? The total money spent to cover it? 2

McMahon had to reportedly pay a sum of 12 million USD to four different women over the past 16 years. The amount was paid in order to suppress any sort of allegations of sexual misconduct and infidelity. All the four women were previously associated with WWE. The report also claimed in June that, WWE’s board was investigating a secret $3 million settlement McMahon had paid to paralegal, he reportedly had an affair with.

The latest reports claimed about, three additional payments from 2006 to 2018. One of them was for $7.5 million to a former wrestler, who McMahon had coerced into giving him oral sex. And later declined her a contract extension after she resisted further sexual approaches. Another one was for $ 1 million to a former manager who had worked for McMahon for a decade. And the final was also for $ 1 million to a former WWE contractor who had received unsolicited nude photos from the former chairman.

What is the latest update on the Vince McMahon situation?

After Vince McMahon stepped down from his role as CEO and Chairman, his daughter took over the position. Stephanie McMahon was named the interim CEO. She stated,” Until the conclusion of the investigation into recent allegations, I am honored to assume the role of interim Chairwoman & CEO. I love @WWE and all it continues to do to entertain billions around the world. “

Investigations are under process by the Board against, Vince McMahon, the former wrestler, and the paralegal as per reports. The WWE Board is also investigating WWE executive John Laurinaitis. These investigations began in April after several emails threatned to reveal the details of all the payments between McMahon and the paralegal.

WWE has refused to comment on the situation to any party. But has stated that WWE is cooperating with the board’s investigation. The WWE board has retained the law firm Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP to conduct the investigation.

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