Stunning Twist: UFC Fighter Corinne Laframboise Discovers Pregnancy Days Before Crucial UFC Contract Fight

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Stunning Twist: Corinne Laframboise Discovers Pregnancy Days Before Crucial UFC Contract Fight

Canadian fighter Corinne Laframboise received life-altering news just days before her high-stakes bout for a coveted UFC contract. Laframboise, the reigning UAE Warriors flyweight champion, was gearing up for the fight of her life against Rainn Guerrero on Dana White’s Contender Series when she received a text message in late August informing her that she was pregnant.

Initially brushing it off as a joke, Laframboise continued with her day, working as a dental hygienist in Montreal. It wasn’t until later that she realized the gravity of the situation, responding to her doctor with a request for good wishes before her impending showdown.

To her astonishment, a phone call from the doctor shattered her world. She was indeed pregnant, likely three months along, and possibly even expecting twins. The shock was overwhelming for the 34-year-old athlete, who soon learned it was a single healthy baby girl.

Despite having trained rigorously for the fight, Laframboise had miraculously avoided sparring to protect her unborn child from harm due to an ankle injury. She now believes a higher power intervened to safeguard her baby.

Reflecting on her journey, Laframboise revealed that she had experienced pregnancy symptoms but had mistaken them for training side effects. Her dedication to her craft had kept her weight steady, and she had dismissed changes in her appetite and cravings as part of her rigorous diet.

While her goal remains to join the UFC, Laframboise is uncertain about her future in the Contender Series, prioritizing her baby’s well-being for now. Her determination and marketability in the sport, however, leave the door open to a possible return, as she continues to chase her dreams inside and outside the Octagon.

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