Paulo Costa trolls former UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira

UFC middleweight Paulo Costa continues to mock Charles Oliveira even after the lightweight expressed his disapproval in the past

Paulo Costa continues to mock Charles Oliveira. MMA fans are witnessing a new version of former Brazilian lightweight champion. Do Bronx 2.0 is an absolute savage inside the octagon and does not hunch his shoulders on anyone. He carries himself with a championship mentality, and the change is evident even in his demeanor outside the octagon.

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Paulo Costa in action against Luke Rockhold

Middleweight fighter Paulo Costa has transformed into a Twitter sensation in recent times, and the fans have acclimated themselves with this new approach. The Brazilian is often seen taking funny digs at fighters, engaging with others from the roaster, and posting situational references to trending topics. He is often seen mocking fighters, and has been on a rampage against fellow Brazillian Charles Oliveira via social media ever since the lightweight missed the 155 mark at UFC 274.

Most recently, he made fun of Oliveira’s vision impairment. He had once joked that his sight is so bad, he sees three versions of every opponent and just tries to hit the middle one.

‘If I take off my glasses, I can only see [at about] 50 per cent. But it never hindered me in the fight. It never hindered me in the fight. Sometimes I walk in without the glasses, sometimes I walk in with the glasses. It depends on my vibe.” Oliveira told Brazilian MMA legends.

Costa saw an opportunity to mock his fellow Brazilian, and shared this on Twitter: ‘”Charles without glasses. Óculos 🤓”

Charles Oliveira once brutally trolled Paulo Costa for past insults hurled towards him

Charles demolished and dismantled Justin Gaethje at UFC 274, however, he was stripped off his belt owing to a controversial weight miss that had the MMA community divided. Oliveira missed weight by 0.5 lbs. and some suggest that obtruding and tampering with the weighing scale might have caused it. Regardless, his performance spoke volumes about the career peak he is at right now.

On the night of the weigh-in for UFC 274, Costa tweeted out, “Good night overweighted people” and had even mocked Oliveira’s English speaking skills in the past. Obviously, this did not sit well with Charles, who absolutely eviscerated Costa in a recent interview. He reminded his fellow Brazilian about the threat he used to possess as a fighter, but has since then been on a downfall. He even conjured up the memory of Costa losing to middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

He said, ‘Borrachinha is doing is thing, doing TikTok and being crazy. Doing a lot of bullshi.. and talking sh.. about others. A guy wo doesn’t make weight by 6-7 kgs, wanting to shit on social media. And since he talked about me, I’m going to talk about him as well. He doesn’t know anything. About my weight or about me. And keeps talking s..t on Twitter. I think we have to look at ourselves and then think about talking about others. But he keeps talking a lot of nonsense, and doesn’t do anything. He arrived as a black belt ‘Big Guy’, but got finished by a white belt.”

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