“Let’s do it rat” – Paulo Costa responds to Sean Strickland

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Middleweight contender Paulo Costa strikes back at Sean Strickland’s call-out and calls him a rat

There are rumours surrounding the internet that a potential fight between Sean Strickland and Paulo Costa is reportedly under works. The ever uninhibited Strickland has been calling out for a fight with the Brazilian in recent times.

Paulo Costa has been sanctioned by the UFC for IV use in the past
Paulo Costa looks on during his middleweight bout against Johny Hendricks (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Paulo Costa had infamously blamed excessive wine consumption one day prior to the fight as his reason for a lacklustre performance against Israel Adesanya.

Strickland scoffed at these claims by Costa and alluded to a fight against the latter sometime in the future. He ridiculed Costa on Twitter by saying,

“Instagram blocked me, joked about a pedophile dying and I guess they didn’t like it lol!!!! Anyways I’m not fighting Darren Till. I want Costa and if Costa can’t put down the wine and cookies I want Jack.”

Responding to the insolent call-out and age-long beef, Costa put out a tweet essentially welcoming the challenge & calling Strickland a rat.

He said , ‘Let’s do it rat.” along with a Brazilian Portuguese phrase that translates to – “We’ll see if he really is a bully.”

Now that some of the biggest names and top contenders in the division already have fights booked or are rumored to fight, a matchup between the duo makes absolutely perfect sense.

Paulo Costa wants Jake Paul to be his manager

Youtuber turned boxer, Jake Paul has been on a relentless tirade against the UFC and Dana White for fighter’s welfare and better pay. He has made it his mission to speak for the fighters, and many fighters including UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou have openly supported ‘The Problem Child’s efforts.

The Problem Child posted a video of him checking his phone and going through some information, trying to make sense of how much the UFC makes and the maltreatment of their fighters.

He captioned the tweet saying, ‘While some of y’all busy hating on me, I’m busy trying to better understand how UFC makes more money & margins than any other sports league in the world, to help y’all make the money you deserve’

Middleweight contender Paulo Costa was all praises for apparently Jake Paul’s noble efforts and replied on the tweet by saying, ‘Man, that’s honorable! Can you be my manager? Please

Say what you want about Jake, but the man sure knows how to keep his name floating on the internet & some fighters even seem to hold him in high regards.

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