Jon Jones Playfully Buries the Hatchet with Jake Paul’s Associate, Who Angered Nate Diaz After Entertaining Public ‘Feud’

Jon Jones
Jon Jones

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Jon Jones Playfully Buries the Hatchet with Jake Paul Associate After Entertaining Public ‘Feud’

Jon Jones, the reigning UFC heavyweight champion set to defend his title against Stipe Miocic in New York on November 11, has found a moment of levity amidst his preparations for UFC 295. In an amusing turn of events, Jones recently became an unexpected target of a Jake Paul employee’s banter.

Can I get a hoya - Jon Jones
Jon Jones

Derek Sullivan, who is associated with Paul’s Betr betting company, has leveraged his connection with the YouTube sensation-turned-boxer to gain access to significant combat sports events. Sullivan notably ruffled feathers at a press conference by irking Nate Diaz when he requested a fight with the legendary UFC figure’s older brother, Nick Diaz. He boldly asserted, “If he’s anything like you, I think I’d beat his f****** ass.”

Last week, Derek uploaded footage of his first serious sparring session, which ended with him bowing out after absorbing a body shot. Although he might have taken a hit to his pride, it didn’t deter him from challenging the greatest MMA fighter of all time, Jon Jones, who had reacted to the video with a smiley face emoji.

“Jon Jones, I see you commenting on the video of me getting my ass kicked in sparring, and I see you smiling about it,” Derek remarked in a follow-up video. “I guess you’re still mad that I bet against you. But look, Jon, you’re a legend, you’re a GOAT, but keep my name out of your f****** mouth or we’re gonna have a problem.”

In a lighthearted response, Jones quipped, “Bro, that’s my apologies, I didn’t think you read the comments. Please forgive me. I don’t want no smoke. I’m actually a massive fan.”

Derek graciously accepted Jones’ apology, letting the UFC heavyweight king off with a playful warning. “Jon Jones, I appreciate the apology, and obviously I’ll let this one slide. But let this be a lesson, you cannot talk s*** someone and not expect consequences. Also, since you’re such a big fan, I might be able to get you some ringside seats to my first fight.”

‘Bones’ thanked Derek for his understanding, while also extending an invitation. “Man lesson learned, thanks a ton for the forgiveness,” Jones wrote. “I hope one day Jake realizes what an amazing asset and athlete you are. I already have plans on making it to your first fight! I know tickets are probably going to sell out fast. [It] would be so awesome if you followed me back on the gram! Please make my wish come true, follow me back! Your number one fan Bones.”

A quick glance at Derek’s following list reveals that he made Jones’ wish come true, bringing an amusing close to this playful exchange. Now, the UFC champion can refocus on preparing for his upcoming showdown against a former two-time champion widely regarded as one of MMA’s heavyweight greats, Stipe Miocic.

Francis Ngannou Downplays Jon Jones Fight, Asserting It’s a ‘Want,’ Not a ‘Need’

Francis Ngannou, a towering figure in the world of combat sports, has raised eyebrows by suggesting that facing Jon Jones in a fight is not a necessity for him. The former UFC heavyweight champion, who recently made headlines by leaving the UFC voluntarily, emphasized that his decision was driven by more than just financial considerations. Instead, he opted to explore new opportunities rather than fight for the monetary rewards offered by the promotion.

However, his exit from the MMA scene coincided with Jon Jones’ decision to make his return, leading to speculation about whether Ngannou was avoiding a showdown with Jones. In a recent interview with Fight Hub TV, Ngannou clarified his stance on facing Jones inside the MMA octagon.

When asked if it was imperative for him to fight Jones before retiring, Ngannou responded bluntly, saying, “I don’t feel like I need. I feel like I want. It’s not a need.” His statement reflects a strong sense of desire rather than obligation. He further challenged the notion of how they match up by asserting, “Put us in the octagon, and you will find out.”

This revelation comes on the heels of Ngannou’s open workout as he prepares for his boxing debut against heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia. While some view this move as a financial opportunity for the Cameroonian-French fighter, Ngannou remains resolute in his belief that he will knock out Fury.

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