Drew Dober labels Paddy Pimblett the “Jake Paul” of the UFC

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Drew Dober labels Paddy Pimblett the “Jake Paul” of the UFC

Fellow lightweight contender Drew Dober has labelled Paddy Pimblett the “Jake Paul of the UFC” for his behaviour since Pimblett defeated Jared Gordon.

Joe Rogan Paddy Pimblett
Paddy Pimblett and Joe Rogan

In December, Pimblett and Gordon went to a close decision, but after the fact, Pimblett claimed that he had easily won the fight. No. 14 ranked Dober has called for a bout with his No. 1 opponent, but he knows it’s unlikely to happen because of his opponent’s UFC protection.

Dober claims that the prospect of fighting Pimblett, a former Cage Warriors champion, at London’s O2 venue is more appealing to him than the challenge of facing a fellow Londoner. The American wants to face a fan favourite in their home nation to get a feel for the top crowds throughout the world.

After a long absence from the UFC, Matt Frevola is back and ready to dish out some “humble pie” to Paddy Pimblett. Speaking to Mirror Fighting, Dober stated:

“Paddy’s name is great, it’s fun. I feel like he’s the Jake Paul of the UFC right now. He’s bringing in a lot of attention. But really, the opportunity that excites me the most is not his name. It’s that O2 Arena in London. Fighting in front of the English crowd would be so much fun.”

“He has a lot of growing up to do. I made those mistakes in my early 20s as well, inside the octagon and outside the octagon. I think he’s going to mature well as long as he listens to good advice, but he definitely needs some time. So I feel like this injury works out better for him. Just as long as he trains and improves in the areas he needs to improve, and then he just keeps that social status, I think he’s gonna be a Conor McGregor-ish.”

Paddy Pimblett hits back at critics

MMA fans have long been complaining that Paddy Pimblett refers preferential treatment from the UFC. The UK star has denied those claims repeatedly.

The organization view Pimblett as the next big star, however, Pimblett’s last fight has somehow tarnished his reputation.

Speaking about the supposed bias in a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Pimblett stated:

“I thought I won two rounds to one, and I watched the fight back, and I thought I won two rounds to one,” Pimblett explained in a recent interview with Bleacher Report. “I’ll be honest, it was a lot closer than I thought it was. I never dominated, but I think the only clear round in the whole fight is the second, and that’s for me. The third round, he just holds me. He doesn’t really do nothing.”

“People try to say, ‘Oh, it’s because he’s Dana’s boy,’” Pimblett said. “How am I Dana’s boy? He came on my podcast. I’m not his boy. I’m just a fighter on his roster. People say he influences judges. He can’t.”

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