‘Pleasantly surprising’ – Daniel Cormier thoroughly enjoyed the latest installment of the Batman franchise starring Robert Pattinson

Daniel Cormier Batman
Daniel Cormier Batman

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Former UFC double champion Daniel Cormier was in awe of Robert Pattinson’s Batman and the Riddler

For someone whose nickname goes by DC, Cormier has elucidated that Batman is his go-to Memoria Day movie. The DC franchise released their latest instalment of the Caped Crusader, in the Darkest of Dark Knights starring Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz amongst a star-studded ensemble.

Daniel Cormier had some great fights in mind for UFC 249 and wants one big clash in his next one
Daniel Cormier had some great fights in mind for UFC 249 (Getty)

The movie franchise will focus and explore more on the origin series of Batman, and his detective side. From its horror movie opening to the teasing final credits, it’s an intense, apocalyptic cinematic experience.

Unlike its previous counterparts, this one was more of a detective mystery than previous Bat-flicks, and a relentless effort at being a black noir film. While the movie was received with mixed reaction, cinema aficionados and DC purists thoroughly enjoyed the film, which even featured the clown prince of crime ‘Joker’ in the post-credits scene in a never seen before incarnation.

Former UFC double champion and commentator Daniel Cormier took to Twitter to shower his appreciation for the movie, and said, ‘Memorial Day movie for me, The Batman and I must say this new Batman is good. I didn’t have much faith but I am pleasantly surprised. Thoughts? Also riddler was amazing’

“Mike Chandler is the perfect match-up for Nate Diaz,” claims latest hall of fame inductee and former double champion Daniel Cormier

Seems like everyone has turned into a matchmaker for Nate Diaz’s last fight in his UFC contract. Almost everyone except the UFC top brass dismissed the idea of a fight between him and Khamzat Chimaev calling it unavailing and fatuous. But the idea of Michael Chandler vs Nate Diaz excites everyone, including former UFC double champion Daniel Cormier.

Daniel Cormier has adopted the role of broadcaster and promoter after retiring from the sport, and does his best to pump up fight cards, and give back to the game. During a recent episode of his podcast on his Youtube channel, Cormier discussed the idea of a potential fight between Michael Chandler and Nate Diaz, and how intrigued he is my it.

He even suggested that while Diaz might have a difficult time with any other matchup, he might actually benefit from a fight against Chandler, and wants the UFC to setup the fight as soon as possible. He said,

‘I know my boy
gon be mad at me but I believe
has got the right matchup. Make it happen
my thoughts on the fight and the rationale behind the call out will be live on my YouTube at 12 est/9pst https://youtu.be/ikKDxWZJZD4′

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