Conor McGregor reacts to hilarious first pitch at Cubs vs Twins game

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Conor McGregor reacts to his hilarious first pitch

The Notorious One Conor McGregor was presented with the opportunity to throw the first pitch at the Chicago Clubs vs Minnesota Twins game. The pitch however resulted to be one of the worst anyone has ever seen.

Conor McGregor first pitch (Bloody Elbow)

McGregor later reacted to his pitch where he said:

“The most devastating first pitch ever seen In the iconic Wrigley field. The venom is there, the power is there. It’s a little off accuracy wise but you know I’m on one leg. You can see me base fully on my left leg that was recently injured I’m happy with that I’ll take that on board. If you can measure the power I don’t think there’s much difference between mine and them out there just the accuracy. If that was on target we’d have a problem I say.”

McGregor seemed to be pretty pleased with his pitch at the game. But sadly the world thinks otherwise. He looked to have searched for the positives in his disastrous throw.

How bad was Conor McGregor’s pitch?

McGregor’s first ever MLB pitch certainly did not go as planned and gave every one an instance to laugh about. Have a look at the pitch:

The clip of McGregor pitching has gone viral in a matter of hours. Twitter users made sure to make their feelings heard as they went on a bender to roast the former UFC Champion.

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