“Worst first pitch ever” – Twitter roasts Conor McGregor for crazy first pitch at MLB game

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Conor McGregor is getting trolled for his crazy first pitch

Conor McGregor has always been fond of being the talking point and also being in the headlines. The former UFC Champion has found a way to make some noise yet again but this time he is getting roasted.

McGregor was given the opportunity of throwing the ceremonial first pitch before the MLB game between Chicago Clubs and Minnesota Twins. But what he delivered was an instance to laugh at.

McGregor’s first pitch didn’t go to plan clearly. Dressed in a fancy well-fitted suit as he always is McGregor also tried to pitch. You’d expect to see him at least throw the ball anywhere near the target but instead he threw a wild one that looped over and fell near the stands.

Twitter calls out McGregor

The Irish man already get his fair share of hate every now and then and the naysayers got yet another chance to do so. Twitter users also made full use of this opportunity to roast the Notorious One. Have a look at some of the funniest reactions:


Twitter users made sure to let everyone know that McGregor can certainly pack a nasty punch but definitely can’t throw a ball. Everyone from across the world is also taking their time to laugh at this clip of McGregor failing miserably.

The footage has also garnered millions of views in a matter of hours and is getting more viral as the time is passing. McGregor has became the talking point yet again but as a laughing stock this time.

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