Top 5 Netflix TV Shows that were canceled in 2023

Netflix’s Alexander The Great docudrama 2023

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Netflix TV Shows that were canceled in 2023; Netflix shows don’t last indefinitely, as much as we like watching them. More than ever before, we must accept the harsh fact that many of the series on streaming services will be canceled after one, two, or three seasons. Despite appearances, not every episode is canceled.

To guarantee that our favorite shows will continue past their most recent cliffhangers, Netflix has a history of giving multi-season renewals to shows like Bridgerton, Emily in Paris, Virgin River, and more. We’re crossing our fingers that our favorite programs are included in 2023.

Netflix TV Shows that were canceled in 2023

The entire list of Netflix original series that have been renewed or canceled during 2023 is available below, updated with the most recent information from Netflix.

Netflix program canceled and renewals

Many Netflix shows, such as Ginny & Georgia, Shadow & Bone, and Alice in Borderland, are still waiting to hear what will happen to them after their most recent seasons. As new shows begin airing in 2023, this list will be expanded with more titles.

Netflix TV Shows that were canceled in 2023

Unfortunately, the first Netflix cancellation of 2023 was the bilingual German mystery sci-fi series 1899. The stunning cancellation after just one season, which had been announced over two months earlier, was revealed on January 2 by the show’s creator.


January 2023: Cancelled

The high-profile television series from DARK’s producers had high standards and large shoes to fill. The mystery sci-fi show, which used cutting-edge technology and had a strong ensemble cast, was one of Netflix’s most ambitious productions in recent memory.

Netflix TV Shows that were canceled in 2023

Why was 1899 declared void?

Data from European SVOD analytics business Digital I, which was provided to What’s on Netflix, indicates that the completion rate was ultimately too low and probably wasn’t increasing significantly. Only around a third of those who began the show, according to their data, went on to win the competition.


Rebelde: Netflix TV Shows that were canceled in 2023
Netflix TV Shows that were canceled in 2023

May 2023: Cancelled

The popular Spanish-language series that aired in the early 2000s was continued and rebooted in Mexico with Rebelde. In an interview, one of the cast members stated that the show would not have a third season after only two.

The Seat

January 2023: Cancelled

Although it was rumored to have been canceled in 2022, it wasn’t until the TCA’s in early 2023 that we received official confirmation from the cast of the show’s cancellation. The series, which starred Sandra Oh as a woman who takes over as the chair of a failing English department at a university, was the first significant work to result from the David Benioff and D.B. Weiss overall deal.

Paranormal Park, dead end

Netflix TV Shows that were canceled in 2023
Netflix TV Shows that were canceled in 2023

January 2023: Cancelled

Dead End: Paranormal Park, a series renowned for its LGBTQ+ inclusiveness, was the second significant animated program to be canceled in 2023. The creator of the show confirmed on Twitter in mid-January 2023 that Netflix will not be picking up additional seasons after the show was taken up by the streaming service for two seasons, both of which were published in 2022.


January 2023: Cancelled

Uncoupled, a comedy sitcom created by Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman, marked Neil Patrick Harris’ significant comedic comeback. While some evidence implies that a large number of viewers finished the show, other evidence points to a low number of viewers who ever started watching it. Following this, Showtime salvaged the program from Netflix, and it left Netflix in May 2023.

Netflix TV Shows that were canceled in 2023: ONE MORE

Season three of Sex/Life

April 2023: Cancelled

Sex/Life had been aired for two seasons when it was announced it will end. According to reports, there were conflicts throughout season 2’s filming, and given how poorly the second season did, it was obvious there was no hope for the hot drama going further.

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