Top 5 NBA stars with the most technical fouls in NBA history

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Let’s check which top 5 NBA superstars have the most number of technical fouls in NBA history

The game of basketball is full of highs and lows. One day you are a hero and on the next day, you can be the greatest villain.

The NBA undoubtedly is a league full of surprises. Along with elite gameplay of basketball, the NBA is stacked with entertainment. And this entertainment is not just about winning games and scoring massive points.

The platform of NBA can make any player an overnight hero. If one plays their cards right, then they are set to become a guaranteed superstar. If one scores consistently and wins games on a daily basis, then they are guaranteed to be their fan favorites.

However, fame sometimes can be costly for many NBA superstars. No player wants to make headlines for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately, they end up doing just that. 

Over the years, plenty of players have committed a significant amount of technical fouls during their NBA careers. Mostly, these technical fouls are simply the result of a player’s frustration. Also, sometimes, technical fouls are the need of the game. In the rarest of the cases, a technical foul can also be an honest mistake from the players’ side.

Nevertheless, whatever be the case, technical fouls tend to leave a bad stain on a player’s career and image. Let us know the most technical fouls in NBA history.

Here are the top 5 NBA players who have the most number of technical fouls in NBA history

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman has a net worth of $500,000
Dennis Rodman while playing for the Chicago Bulls.

Total Career fouls: 212

Total Ejections: 5

The legend of Dennis Rodman is not something unheard of. However, it is surprising to know that the certified bad boy of NBA is not higher in this mentioned list!

Known as ‘The Worm’, Rodman was known for his short temper and aggressiveness. Moreover, he belonged to the famous “Bad Boys” team of Detroit Pistons. Needless to say, Rodman’s behavior and attitude have landed him in trouble quite a few times. As a result, Rodman has been suspended numerous times and has also paid hefty fines for his behavior.

Rodman, in NBA his career, has picked up 212 technical fouls and has been ejected from games 5 times.

His most infamous incidents included kicking a cameraman on the sideline, and head-butting referee Ted Bernhardt twice following a second technical foul.

Gary Payton

July 6, 2018 – Oakland, California, United States – 3 Headed Monsters Coach Gary Payton speaks to the media after the game against the Killer 3s during Week 3 of the BIG3 3-on-3 basketball league at Oracle Arena. BIG3 Basketball 2018: Week 3 – Oakland – ZUMAw109 20180706_zap_w109_121 Copyright: xDebbyxWongx

Total Career fouls: 250

Total ejections: 11

Nicknamed as ‘The Glove’, Gary Payton is famous for his rock-solid defensive abilities. Payton’s defending skills even made him the only point guard to win the NBA defensive player of the year award.

However, along with his defending skills, Payton is overtly famous for his ‘trash talks’ on the basketball court. Payton’s legendary trash talks have earned him quite a toxic reputation, and a lot of technical fouls.

Payton was constantly talking to his opponents, trying to get under their skin, but he was also vocal towards officials and had a tendency for reacting very angrily towards them when calls didn’t go his way.

In this list, Payton ranks fourth, by committing 250 technical fouls. Payton was also ejected from games 11 times.

Rasheed Wallace

Rasheed Wallace features in the list of most technical fouls by players in NBA history
FILE- In this May 17, 2006, file photo, Detroit Pistons forward Rasheed Wallace argues with referee Ken Mauer during the fourth quarter against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 of their NBA playoffs second-round series at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Mich. The New York Knicks signed Wallace on Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012. Wallace, a four-time All-Star, is ending a two-year retirement. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya, File)( / AP)

Total Career fouls: 317

Total ejections: 29

Rasheed Wallace will be forever remembered for his extraordinary talent to pick up technical fouls and silly ejections. Basketball fans remember Wallace more from his fouls rather than his playing skills. In fact, Wallace has several records in committing fouls.

Wallace holds the record for most technical fouls committed in a season. Wallace famously committed 41 technical fouls in the 2000-01 season.

Moreover, Wallace and the NBA referees weren’t exactly on good terms. Wallace was quite the enemy of the NBA referees. Back in the days, in a drop of a hat, the referees used to eject Wallace from the games. It’s pretty natural that Wallace didn’t like that. Talk about sworn enemies.

In this list, Wallace ranks third, by committing 317 technical fouls. Additionally, Wallace has been ejected from games a record 29 times.

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley has an estimated net worth of $50million
Charles Barkley pictured during a special live NBA Basketball Herren USA On TNT Telecast at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 11, 2018. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xDamairsxCarterx

Total Career fouls: 329

Total ejections: 6

If you today see Charles Barkley, you will see one of the most entertaining persons on television. But the reality was different for Barkley when he was an active NBA player. In short, while playing, Chuck was a menace.

Barkley’s antics and his mouth often got him into trouble on the court. Barkley was an expert at trash-talking, and he was very aggressive towards both opposing players and the officials.

Yelling at the officials, poking the noses of them, putting fingers in their face, blowing up with hands was the daily routine of Barkley. He even had numerous situations where he cussed out referees on national television!

In one incident, Barkley cut the nose of referee Jack Nies with his fingernail, earning himself a technical foul.

In this list, Barkley ranks second, by committing 329 technical fouls. Also, Chuck has been ejected from games 6 times.

Karl Malone

Total Career fouls: 332

Total ejections: 5

Karl Malone has the most technical fouls in NBA history
Karl Malone was the star player for the Utah Jazz.

It is honestly surprising to see Karl Malone at the top of this list. But he can’t be blamed in all its entirety. Malone had a long NBA career of 19-seasons! He was bound to pick up some technical fouls in this long time. Moreover, Malone played in a very tough NBA era. In his time, most of the games featured a fight between players. So, picking technical was not that uncommon.

While playing, Malone was a combination of complaining and trash-talking. He also used to recklessly elbow players. ‘The Mailman’ in the 1991-92 season, elbowed Isiah Thomas horribly. Isiah Thomas had to take 40 stitches! Needless to say, Malone was a very physical player.

Malone’s physical style of play saw him pick up more technical fouls than anybody else, and the second most personal fouls of all time as well.

In this list, Malone ranks first, by committing 332 technical fouls. Malone has also been ejected from games 5 times.

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