Top 5 Hardest Bosses in Starfield!

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Defeating the hardest Starfield bosses requires top-tier weapons, strategies and shields. Find out the top five hardest bosses and tips to beat them.

The major challenges in Starfield are story quests, side quests and boss battles. Once you join a faction, lots of side-quests will be unlocked. Also, the main story challenges are essential to level up faster. Every quest rewards gold, weapons and xp. Also, there are some boss battles in every story. Here, you will fight against elite enemies on different planets.

Boss battles are a bit tricky as you have to equip the best weapons and shields. You can recruit NPCs and crew members as well. Just like ship combat, boss battles are harder. Starfield has many types of enemies who work against a faction on various planets. Some boss fights are non-optional and completing them will only take the story forward in Starfield.

Every boss is at different levels and some are hard to defeat even with the best builds and equipment. Defeating the hardest bosses of Starfield will boost your performance and you will rake in plenty of crafting resources as well. Here, you can find out the top 5 hardest bosses in Starfield along with some tips and tricks to defeat them.

Strategies to defeat the Hardest Bosses in Starfield!

Starfield has many types of bosses. Some bosses are a part of organizations and they will recruit enemies and criminals to work against factions. Fighting against bosses is always a challenge. With the best ballistic and melee weapons and shields, you can negate their moves and overcome the challenge. 

You will fight against bosses at different levels. The higher their levels, the more you become vulnerable to their attacks. Wearing shields and wielding a slashing weapon can make you stronger and you can dominate the battles as well. Hardest bosses in Starfield are the strongest creatures. Defeating them requires skills and patience. Here are the top 5 hardest bosses and some tricks to beat them.


The most difficult challenge in Starfield comes at the final phase of the game. A tricky situation where you have to decide whether to beat the hunter or skip the fight. Hunter is a menacing enemy and defeating him is next to impossible. But, yes you can go with a melee knife and rifle. Hunter has a couple of health bars and its melee attacks are heavy.

Starfield Hardest Bosses
Bosses in Starfield

Hunter will also try to escape and reach the ship. But you can again trigger the challenge. All you need to do is to reduce his health with continuous attacks. Heavy Ballistic melee weapons will be a good choice as well. Stab him using a sharp knife and stun him for a while.  Then, again you can shoot attacks using any rifle. 

That’s how you can defeat the hunter boss in the last story. Sparing him doesn’t get you anything. Instead, you can face these types of enemies and claim some rewards as well. Unrestrained Vengeance Laser Rifle, a unique and rare weapon. You can fight against the Hunter, the Starborn enemy in New Atlantis. Also, you can defeat him as a part of the main story mission called, In the Footsteps.


Emissary is another Starborn boss. You will be up against this NPC during final missions. You can either join Emissary and collect an artefact or else, you have to defeat the NPC. Emissary is another melee enemy who used heavy weapons and grenade launchers. You can find this enemy primarily in Helix and Scorpius. Defeating Emissary will also take you closer to completing the game.

You can use shotguns, rifles, blades or knives. Emissary attacks harder and moves faster. This NPC is specialized with stealth skills, you have to chase it and launch your attacks from behind. Emissary doesn’t have much health or stamina.  So, this battle becomes easier if you have the top-tier weapons in your inventory. 

Emissary is another hardest boss in Starfield who you have to defeat and complete a persuasion as well. Once you defeat the Emissary boss, you will unlock the Spacesuit Gravitas armor set. This is useful equipment and can be a valuable addition to your inventory in Starfield. Armor sets are rare to find in the game, you can defeat these types of top-tier enemies and get them as a free reward.


Maggotmaw are hostile creatures. These beasts often wander on Charbydis III in the Charbydis star system.  You can defeat this boss as a part of the mission called Operation Starseed. This enemy attacks from range and unleashes powerful attacks and projectiles. It also shoots with a laser making it hard for your heroes. Maggotmaw is seen inside the facility and this boss will be at level 80 or above.

To defeat Maggotmaw, you can use any heavy melee weapons. Also, a laser or ballistic weapon will do good. Grenade launchers can be used to reduce its health points. Also, use jetpacks to fly faster and escape after completing the challenge. Maggotmaw drops some xp, digipicks and other essential resources as well.

Va’Ruun Zealot

A beast from the House of Va’Ruun. These zealots are often found on Va’Ruun’Kai planet. Va’Ruun Zealot uses three types of attacks from weapons like daggers and grenades. It also uses a heavy melee weapon. Zealots are the hardest bosses on Va’Ruun’Kai planet in Starfield. Defeating them is only possible with a companion and bag full of ranged weapons like swords, shotguns, explosives and rifles.

Use a ballistic ranged weapon and launch your attacks from every end. The boss doesn’t have much hp, so your companion can simultaneously attack as well. Use different weapons and avoid its heavy attacks from daggers. Defeating Va’Ruun Zealot gets you tons of xp and loot rewards. You will also get an exclusive gun for this questline.


The terrifying bosses in Starfield are arguably Terrormorphs. Terrormorphs don’t reside in a particular location as you can spot them everywhere. Terrormorphs resemble a giant spider and its attacks are faster and harder. It can perform a swipe attack and unleash powerful damage.

 Even the arrival of Terrormorphs can be threatening to players who stand near the zone. Terrormorphs use all types of attacks. They shoot from lasers, unleash swipe attacks from melee weapons. Terrormorphs excel in range and it’s dangerous to stand before these types of enemies. Wherever there is a wall or other spots, you can hide and attack initially. Once the enemy loses hp, you can counterattack without hiding.

To defeat Terrormorphs boss, you have to recruit NPC companions and some crew members as well. Procure the best shields, use some skills and carry your best ranged weapons. A long-range sword or explosive guns will be the best go-to weapons against these types of creatures. Terrormorphs are lethal creatures and one among many hardest and dangerous bosses in Starfield. You can equip Medpacks and go with full hp bars to tackle this creature without receiving any damage.

These are the top 5 hardest bosses in Starfield. Bosses are elite level monsters and creatures. You have to use the right combat techniques along with equipment to overcome their attacks. Boss fight challenges grant unlimited bonus rewards like XP, credits, digipicks and more.

Every boss in Starfield has their own skills and weapons. You have to go with different builds against all types of bosses. Defeating bosses unlocks new story quests in the game and it will increase your levels.

Also, you can skip some boss battles if there’s an option. Whenever you skip a boss fight, you have to complete a persuasion as well. You will get an artefact or other rewards for joining with bosses in their questlines.


How Many Factions are there in Starfield?

Starfield has 5 main Factions that are Ryujin Industries, Constellation, Crimson Fleet, Freestar Collective, and United Colonies. Apart from these five, you can join six more groups that are connected with every faction. You can join any faction and leave whenever you wish. Starfield also allows you to join multiple factions at once.

Who can Play Starfield?

Starfield is exclusive to PC and Xbox Series X/S. You can purchase either Standard or Digital Premium Edition. PC users can directly purchase the game on Steam. Those who have active Xbox Game Pass subscription can unlock Starfield along with many exclusive games.

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