“Tiafoe looks way better than Harry ever could” – Fans react as Frances Tiafoe and Harry Styles are spotted in a similar outfit

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Frances Tiafoe is never afraid to play around with his outfits – fans wonder if Harry Styles drew inspiration from the Tennis star’s attire

Harry Styles’ attire at Grammys 2023 has raised a lot of eyebrows and Tennis fans can draw similarities of the outfit to what Frances Tiafoe wore at Australian Open 2023. It’s no secret that Tiafoe loves to experiment with various outfits, and he certainly stood out for his attire at the recently concluded Australian Open. Meanwhile, British singer and songwriter Harry Styles walked the red carpet at the Grammys in an outfit that appeared to be inspired by the American tennis star.

Frances Tiafoe and Harry Styles

Social media freelancer and tennis enthusiast, Bastien Fachan was the first to point out the similarity in the attire of Tiafoe and Style. Fans could totally relate to it and the tweet went viral in no time. Frances Tiafoe’s outfit was designed by his sponsor apparel giant Nike. Belarusian tennis star Victoria Azarenka wore a similar outfit during her Australian Open 2023 campaign.

Fans react to the similarity in outfits of Frances Tiafoe and Harry Styles

Let us take a look at some of the reactions on social media.

“Tiafoe looks way better than Harry ever could”, wrote a fan.

“Except…the one on the right looks like an absolute homeless drug-addict.The one on the left still looks like a sportsperson”, tweeted a fan with an extreme take.

“No way Harry pulled up to the Grammys dressed like a literal clown”, read a tweet.

“The difference is Harry Styles looks bad and Taifoe looks good”, commented another fan.

Another fan wrote: “More like Frances Tiafoe ran so Harry Styles could crawl at a snails pace.”

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