“That’s so cool” – Fans amazed with Maria Sakkari’s incredible photographic memory

Maria Sakkari is set to begin her campaign at the Miami Open against Bianca Andreescu later today – fans reacted to her incredible photographic memory.

Maria Sakkari has surprised fans on social media with her incredible photographic memory. The Greek star had appeared on the ‘Warm and Fuzzy’ show where the host, Michael Kosta had decided to put her memory to the test.

Kosta had his career prize money inscribed on his shoes and told Sakkari that the next time she comes on the show, he will check if she remembers. Sakkari paid a second visit to the show last month and she indeed remembered the exact amount when she was asked by Kosta. The footage of this interaction on the show has gone viral on the internet.

Sakkari was at her candid best in the Warm and Fuzzy show. It is hosted by American comedian and former Tennis player Michael Kosta. The duo had a lot of fun throughout the interaction and Sakkari seemed to enjoy every bit of it. Kosta was very popular as a college Tennis player in the US and even went on to represent his country in singles and doubles on the professional tour. He had a career-high ranking of World No. 864 in singles and World No. 336 in doubles on the ATP tour.

Fans react to Maria Sakkari’s photographic memory

Let us take a look at some of the reactions from fans on social media.

“Omg that’s so cool. I can’t even remember my best experiences”, wrote a fan, who is evidently impressed.

“I’m skeptical. She remembered she would be asked this question and then just took a look back at the prior interview right before” – another fan shared a contrasting take.

“I can’t believe how good the memory of the world’s best athletes are. LeBron can remember scary stuff, I’ve seen Federer rattle off scorelines from mostly irrelevant matches that happened 10-15 years ago, Rafa also has a pretty amazing memory.. there’s likely something to this correlation”, read a comment.

“There is no such thing as a photographic memory. It’s time to put an end to this misconception”, commented another fan.

Another fan wrote: “I wish I had a memory as good as hers. I can barely remember anything.”

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