Stefanos Tsitsipas claims his shoulder injury happened because of this brand of balls

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Stefanos Tsitsipas has placed the blame on a specific brand of balls for his shoulder injury

Stefanos Tsitsipas has claimed that the use of ‘Dunlop balls’ is the primary cause of his shoulder injury. This new set of balls have been introduced recently and were used at the Australian Open in January. Earlier, Daniil Medvedev had complained about the same issue stating that he experienced wrist pain while using them. Tsitsipas has now become the second elite player to raise the same issue, and this will certainly get the concerned authorities to think.

In a recent interview, Tsitsipas stated that the use of Dunlop balls is causing physical strain on athletes. “I think my shoulder injury happened because of this”, he stated. The Greek star also alleged that he was ‘forced’ to play at the Indian Wells despite carrying a niggle because the ATP rule book makes it mandatory for the players to play these big events. Tsitsipas had suffered a shock exit from the first round of the Indian Wells earlier this week after losing to unseeded Jordan Thompson. The Greek is currently in Miami and will begin his campaign on March 24.

Fans react to Stefanos Tsitsipas’ revelations about the Dunlop balls

Let us take a look at some of the reactions from fans on Twitter.

“They need to standardize the ball specs, must be hard to change from tournament to tournament”, wrote a fan.

“I’m sorry, but I refuse to believe that the balls make THAT big of an impact on health. Maybe Tsitsipas needs to change his workout regime or lower his string tension. Is there a pattern of Dunlop-induced injury in the ATP? Didn’t think so”, tweeted another fan, who evidently doesn’t agree with Tsitsipas.

“No one should be forced to go anywhere when they’re injured. Health should always come first”, read a tweet.

“He’s probably right about those balls. But you’re not forced to play anything if you’re injured. He’s says he’s injured so”, commented another fan.

Another fan wrote: “It’s about time some players have the courage to speak out! Be careful, they can ruin one’s career!”

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