“So smart and caring” – Chris Evert reacts to Billie Jean King’s commanding speech on International Women’s Day

Billie Jean King (Twitter)

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Tennis legends Chris Evert and Billie Jean King are two of the biggest pillars of strength for women athletes across the world

Chris Evert took to Twitter to convey her appreciation regarding fellow tennis icon Billie Jean King’s speech on International Women’s Day. King has always been a pillar of strength for women, especially within the sporting fraternity and is known for encouraging the growth of women’s sports and female athletes.

The tennis icon was invited as a guest speaker at the Forbes 3050 summit in Abu Dhabi on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

“So smart and caring”, Evert wrote on Twitter, quoting a video clip where King can be seen sharing her take on how the world could get more inclusive of women.

Evert and King are two iconic names in women’s sports and they have spent their lives fighting tirelessly for women’s equal rights in sports, parity, inclusiveness and LGBTQ+ rights.

Both Evert and King dominated women’s tennis for a long period and they continue to give maximum efforts to ensure that the sporting eco-system is more inclusive and welcoming of women.

Fans react to Billie Jean King’s commanding speech in Abu Dhabi

Let us take a look at some of the reactions from fans on social media.

“So intelligent, intuitive and eloquent both on and off the tennis court”, wrote a fan.

“She understands… I truly believe you have to experience things first hand. And she knows she’s been through it… Like she says you have to talk to people that don’t look like you. You’ll walk away with a different perspective. Something to think about”, tweeted another fan.

“I was disappointed not to see any women of color sitting on this stage”, commented a fan with a slightly different take.

“I support what you’re doing and am disappointed at the lack of diversity on the stage. Point of fact: without Black women, there would likely be no continuing support from the U.S. for Ukraine. Think about that. More power to women – all of them, everywhere”, read a tweet.

Another user wrote: “Quite the panel of angry and privileged women.”

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