“Rune redemption arc” – Fans react as Andy Murray’s performances at the Australian Open justifies Holger Rune’s choice of putting him in the same bracket along with the Big 3

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Andy Murray has bowed out of the Australian Open while Holger Rune is scheduled to play his fourth-round match tomorrow

Holger Rune had revealed in a recent interview that he believes Andy Murray is in the same bracket as the Big 3 – Federer, Nadal and Djokovic. His choice was questioned by many fans on social media and Murray’s performances in the Australian Open at this age, seems to have answered the doubters on behalf of Rune. 35-year-old Murray was exceptional during his short stint at the Australian Open before getting eliminated in the third round.

In an interview last month, Rune was asked about his take on the GOAT debate. The Danish star stated: “I hate the GOAT discussion. Because who won the most titles, who won the most Grand Slams, who was No 1 for the longest time. I mean all these guys are incredible. They achieved something that is history-making. It pushes also the younger generations to what’s possible. Records are there to be broken. And now the guys made us work even harder to break records.”

He also particularly mentioned that he considers Andy Murray to be a part of the ‘Fab 4’ along with Federer, Nadal and Djokovic. Fans on social media mocked his choice of putting Murray in the same bracket as the Big 3. “Why is Murray there?” – a fan wrote with the intention to troll. Rune replied back: “Because Andy Murray played legendary tennis alongside the big 3 in my opinion.” Now, Murray’s recent performances have silenced haters and justified Rune’s choice.

Fans react to Holger Rune putting Murray in the same bracket as the Big 3

Let us take a look at some of the reactions from fans on social media.

“My man Holger gets it.It wasn’t a big 4 because of their respective achievements in the game, it was a big 4 because in practically every big tournament for years, all 4 of them were there or thereabouts at the business end, and other players rarely got a look in”, wrote a fan.

“Rune redemption arc”, commented another fan.

“Over 2022 I had Holger completely wrong… some unfortunate media and I had formed a pretty negative impression of him. Of course he’s not perfect but has come to be great player and seems more assured and positive now in dealing with the media and his fellow players. Hopefully he continues in this same way for many years to come”, read a comment.

“He’s right for sure. I have a problem with crowning any of them the one true GOAT. It just feels wrong”, wrote another fan.

Another fan commented: “Murray was the unofficial big 4. Or maybe official who knows. I think the 4th could be one mashup of Murray, Del Po, and Wawrinka as they all were amazing and pushed the big 3 in many matches.”

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