“Won more Grand Slams than you mate” – Nick Kyrgios gets brutally trolled for taking a dig at Australian great Pat Cash

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Nick Kyrgios was brutally trolled on Twitter for taking a dig at Australian Tennis great Pat Cash.

Nick Kyrgios always seems to be in a cloud of controversy and the player hasn’t got any respite even when he is recovering from an injury. Kyrgios is getting brutally trolled for a casual comment on former Wimbledon Champion and Australian Tennis great, Pat Cash. While he certainly meant it on a lighter note, fans on Twitter seem to be offended by his tweet, which is often the case when it comes to Kyrgios.

“Doesn’t really surprise me at all, Pat cash wouldn’t win games now”, wrote Kyrgios, responding to a tweet which had reference to an old story narrated about Rafael Nadal by Pat Cash. The story dates back to 2001 when Cash played 14-year-old Nadal in an exhibition match. Cash lost in straight sets and was left surprised by the young kid’s remarkable maturity and talent.”The physique had not developed and he looked like a child, but there was a maturity when he was under pressure and he showed an intensity beyond his years on every shot”, Cash had later revealed to the media.

Fans react to Nick Kyrgios’ comment on Pat Cash

Let us take a look at some of the reactions from fans on social media.

“I’m normally a nick supporter but dissing Pat Cash is no good! The man won Wimbledon in a golden age where tennis, whether as fast as it is now or not it was way more competitive than modern tennis. Any 1 of 20 players was capable of winning at any grand slam not 4 or 5”, wrote a fan.

“Won more grand slams than you mate”, trolled another fan.

“Pretty sure Pat won where you couldn’t. He’ll be remembered… I mean it’s already folklore. But keep taking digs at our legends then cry why the media is mean to you. Lol”, read a tweet.

“No one has ever overrated themselves more than you”, tweeted another fan.

Another fan wrote: “ouch! Brutal truth, no filter @NickKyrgios . That’s why we need you to stay on tour!”

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Edited by: Gerard Crispin