“Leave Rafa alone” – Fans react as Rafael Nadal rubbishes Alexander Zverev’s claims of retirement

German tennis player Alexander Zverev recently claimed in an interview that Rafael Nadal will retire after the French Open this year

Rafael Nadal has made it clear that he has no plans of retiring from tennis any time soon. Speculations about Nadal’s retirement gained momentum after a recent interview with German tennis player Alexander Zverev. In the interview, Zverev stated: “Rafael Nadal will announce his retirement at Roland Garros. I don’t wish him this, but I think he will play a big tournament, maybe wins it and then says goodbye.”

Besides rubbishing these claims, Nadal responded to Zverev’s statement in the press. “I don’t know what will happen in 6 months. I have a very good relationship with Zverev, but not enough to confess something like that to him. I am not thinking about retirement. I am just here to play tennis and have a great 2023 season”, said the Spaniard. Nadal and Zverev will be seen in action at the Australian Open, later this week.

Fans react to Rafael Nadal’s response to Alexander Zverev

Let us take a look at some of the reactions from fans on Twitter.

“Ridiculous to hear “next gen” players who haven’t won anything & journalists deliver career eulogies for Nadal who won 2 grand slams last year & is Number 2. These next gen guys haven’t achieved in their careers what Nadal achieved last year, no wonder they want him to retire”, wrote a fan.

“Zverev just made a prediction but also said he doesn’t wish him that. I don’t know why media are making a big deal of it. They clearly want to create a story out of anything… Lol”, tweeted a fan, taking a stand for Zverev.

“Leave Rafa alone. It’s baffling to see the same question being asked every single time. He will decide when he thinks he can no longer compete. Just enjoy the great man playing while he’s still there. VAMOS RAFA”, read a tweet.

“Players answer questions being asked. This is Sachas predition. On a separate note, can someone please control these guys asking the same questions over and over again. Same for Nole! Same old questions that we ourselves can answer for them”, tweeted another fan.

Another fan wrote: “Doesn’t take a close relationship to make that call. Rafa struggles against anyone ,maybe cause it’s not clay but he’d be lucky if he finishes 2023 in top 50.”

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