Judy Murray appreciates Iga Swiatek for speaking up on mental health and violence

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Iga Swiatek took to Twitter to express her opinions on burning issues like mental health and physical violence

WTA no.1 Iga Swiatek has opened up on news regarding the President of the Polish Tennis Association, Miroslaw Skrzypczynski. The Polish star has condemned the actions of the former tennis coach and has called on authorities to take appropriate action. Skrzypczynski has been accused of beating his daughter, abusing his ex-wife, and molesting young players.

In a detailed official statement, Swiatek addressed various concerns regarding physical abuse, mental health and other problems that female players often come across. “I feel that as a current leader of women’s tennis I can’t be silent about particular matters. Considering my sensitivity, knowledge, boundaries and strength I have at the moment to support people who suffer or encourage you to do something, like taking care about our mental health. And that’s why I know that, when it comes to physical violence or emotional abuse, the most important issue is think and being sensitive about victims”, she wrote.

Judy Murray re-shared the tweet and showed her appreciation for Swiatek. Other tennis greats like Martina Navratilova have also come out in support of Swiatek and the victims.

Fans react to Swiatek’s statement on Twitter

Let us take a look at some of the reactions from fans on Twitter.

“This young woman accomplished a lot in her profession. But is she really a spokesperson or a leader in such terms? She is stating her own opinion, which is fine, but that is not the voice of a real leader, which comes with time”, wrote a fan.

Thank you for speaking up. “You always stand by people who are weak position.I believe a word beats violence.That’s why I like to read your text.I love your style”, tweeted another fan.

“The distinguishing mark of a great person is that they always raise their voice against abuse & injustice done to others. You’ve done the right thing in speaking out your mind forcefully. By doing so you’ve added to your stature. God bless you for that”, read a tweet.

Another fan wrote: “Thank you for using your voice @iga_swiatek to help others and improve the sport. Reading your statement, I feel a need to also say: #whereispengshuai.”

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