Japan Open 2023 Prize money: All you need to know

Japan Open 2023
Japan Open 2023

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Here’s everything you should know about the prize money on offer at the 2023 Japan Open

The Japan Open in Tokyo stands as Asia’s most enduring tennis tournament, and its 2023 edition is set to feature a remarkable lineup of players.

Scheduled from October 16th to 22nd, this event will bring together 32 prominent ATP players at the splendid Ariake Colosseum, renowned for its excellence in tennis infrastructure, boasting an impressive 48 tennis courts. Notably, this year marks a historic moment in the tournament’s history as the prize money exceeds the $2 million mark for the very first time since its inception in 1972.

Japan Open 2023
Japan Open 2023

The Japan Open takes place within the Ariake Tennis Forest Park, featuring its central court known as the Ariake Coliseum, situated in Koto, Tokyo.

Its roots trace back to the historic precursor event, the All-Japan Championships, established in 1915, which subsequently evolved into the Japan International Championships.

In 2018, the tournament temporarily relocated to the Musashino Forest Sports Plaza due to the renovation of the Ariake Coliseum, which was being prepared for the tennis events during the 2020 Summer Olympics. The championship encompasses both men’s singles and doubles competitions.

In Tokyo, the tournament champion can look forward to securing a substantial prize of 500 ranking points along with a noteworthy cash reward of $376,620, which forms a significant portion of the total prize pool amounting to $2,013,940.

As for the runner-up, even though they may not claim the championship title, they will still leave with a respectable $202,640 in prize money and 300 ranking points. Moving on to the semi-finalists, they will accrue 180 ranking points and earn substantial six-figure sums, each taking home $108,000.

Prize money
Prize Money

The quarter-finalists will not only gain 90 ranking points but also receive $55,170 in prize money. Players exiting the competition in the second round will obtain 45 ranking points and a prize of $29,455. Lastly, those competing in the first round, but failing to advance, will receive compensation in the form of prize money, totaling $15,710, but they won’t earn any ranking points.

Let us check out the full breakdown of prize money in the table below:

2023 Japan Open Tokyo ATP Prize Money & Points Overview:

Winner500 points$376,620
Finalist300 points$202,640
Semi-finalists180 points$108,000
Quarter-finalists90 points$55,170
2nd round45 points$29,455
1st round0 points$15,710

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