Teams that LeBron James is likely to Join if he leaves Los Angeles Lakers

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Image Source: Sports Illustrated

There is massive speculation that Los Angeles Lakers will likely take the organization in a different direction. For this reason, LeBron James is likely to shift camp, with many teams lined up to secure his services in the 2022-2023 season. The superstar may consider a move because the no-trade clause in his contract is expiring. He is particularly disappointed by decisions by the Lakers, who are likely to miss the Playoffs once again because of a lack of meaningful trade to improve their roster. 

James has occasionally commented that he wouldn’t want to waste the last years of his otherwise stellar career. Consequently, he could join many likely teams to finish his career on a high note, especially if the Lakers, his current team, miss out on the playoffs. Below are some of the likely destinations for James.

Cleveland Cavaliers

If Lebron James leaves the Lakers, his first consideration would be an emotional return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he started his career and achieved so much with the team. The Cavaliers are doing well in trading, having signed Donovan Mitchel to bolster their team. They have also decided to implement a salary cap to save enough money for signing a superstar. The deal could go through, given the likely exit of James from the Lakers. Although the Cavs had ruled out any possible return, it would be a massive opportunity to welcome back their superstar.

New York Knicks

James has been linked to the Knicks at least three times during his entire career. At one time, it almost happened that he would be switching until the last minute when the deal crumbled.

In 2010, the Knicks tried all means, including a mock scene by Sopranos, to convince James to join as a free agent, but that did not materialize. 

In one of the encounters with Dwayne Wade, James indicated that he was headed to the Knicks, although he withdrew the comment, clarifying that the venue was worthy of hosting the two legends in a duel. These remarks reveal a deeper connection between the Knicks and their appreciation by James. He may prefer finishing his career here.

Houston Rockets

Undoubtedly, the Houston Rockets are not performing well. Currently, they sit at the bottom of the NBA rankings. As one of the popular sporting events, NBA is highly featured in top . However, going by the odds, Houston rockets are considered underdogs in almost every match. 

Nonetheless, the organization is undertaking a restructuring program through various strategies. First, the coach has identified a team of young prospects who will help to transform the team in the long term.

In the short term, management intends to include larger contracts in 2023, which could attract James’s attention. He can be instrumental in setting the restructuring momentum and exit when the team is on the right footing.

The Chicago Bulls

The Chicago bulls are facing the same problems as the Rockets and are looking to press the reset button. There are reports that they are in the market and particularly want to offer DeMar DeRoxa and Zach LeVine to the Lakers in exchange for Russell Westbrook, who is a superstar.

However, a deal for James is also on the cards if he decides to leave the Lakers. Moving to the Chicago Bulls is significant for his career because it is here that Michael Jordan won his record six titles. It would be phenomenal if James won a title here to close in on his generational rival’s record.