Sword Art Online VS Tier List – All Characters Ranked (November 2022)

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If you are searching for the best characters in Sword Art Online VS then take a look at our Sword Art Online VS tier list as we have ranked the players from best to worst.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Sword Art Online anime, Sword Art Online Variant Showdown was released. From the bottom of the mystery, action-packed battles and familiar faces provide a glimpse into it as Kirito and his crew discover a new game called Cross Edge, which seems strange to all the players in the real world.

When Kikiro and his friends begin playing Cross Edge, he hears strange rumors about random attacks that cause players to lose their memories. He decides to investigate. Sword Art Online VS Characters are not all as effective as others; some perform best when partnered with a specific character or require synergy, whereas others perform well across all game types and don’t require synergy to be effective.


So how will you find out the best character in Sword Art Online VS? For that, you will need the Sword Art Online VS tier list that ranks the characters from best to worst.

Sword Art Online VS Tier List

S Tier 

Our recommendation for all players is to obtain S-Tier characters as soon as possible. They are currently the best in the game. It is recommended that you take advantage of these characters, and they should be added to your party as soon as possible. They are also the best choices for leveling up and acquiring equipment.


A Tier 

Characters from A-Tier levels can be excellent replacements for S-Tier characters for clearing content. While S-Tier characters are better, A-Tier characters can help your team immensely. It is recommended that you check out these characters and see which will be the most effective in countering the weakness of your party. Especially when you have not yet unlocked enough S tiers, or when there aren’t enough to fill your party in the first place.


B Tier 

They aren’t as powerful as S-Tier or A-Tier characters, but you may employ them in place of stronger characters if you don’t have access to any at the moment.

The game’s early stages, when you haven’t unlocked many characters, are when these characters can truly aid, but later on, they become less useful. When S and A characters aren’t available, use them without a doubt, but try to avoid doing so.


So this was the Sword Art Online VS Tier List. Follow the list and check which character is best for you.

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