Starfield Backgrounds Tier List – All Backgrounds Ranked

Starfield Backgrounds Tier List

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The Starfield Backgrounds Tier List is designed to help players make informed decisions when selecting their character’s background. 

In Starfield’s vast universe, picking the right background for your character can be just as important as planning a path through the vastness of space itself. Even though Bethesda’s much-anticipated game doesn’t have traditional character classes, your background affects your initial skills and how non-player characters (NPCs) deal with you in the same way. The beginning story of your character will be based on the background preset you choose, and it will set the stage for their unique journey. In this guide, we give you the Starfield Backgrounds Tier List, which ranks backgrounds from best to worst. This will help you make a choice that will affect your character’s future in the stars.

Background skills
Background skills

Starfield Backgrounds Tier List 

S Tier

The S Tier of the Starfield Backgrounds tier list is the best of all the ones you can choose. If you choose a background from this tier, your character will start out with a huge edge. These backgrounds give your character special and unique skills or traits that make them stand out from the rest. NPCs in the game will look up to you and respect you a lot because of your amazing skills or achievements.

BackgroundStarting Skills
Bounty HunterPilotingTargeting Control SystemsBoost Pack Training
Space ScoundrelPistol CertificationPilotingPersuasion
File Not FoundWellnessBallisticsPiloting
Cyber RunnerStealthSecurityTheft

A Tier

The A Tier backgrounds are strong choices, providing a solid foundation for your character’s journey in Starfield. While not quite as exceptional as S Tier backgrounds, A Tier options still offer valuable advantages. Characters with A Tier backgrounds possess noteworthy skills, knowledge, or experiences that make them stand out in the game world. NPCs will view your character with admiration and respect, recognizing their competence and abilities.

BackgroundStarting Skills
SoldierFitnessBallisticsBoost Pack Training
Combat MedicPistol CertificationMedicineWellness
IndustrialistPersuasionSecurityResearch Methods

B Tier

The B Tier backgrounds are considered solid and reliable choices. If you select a background from this tier, your character will have respectable abilities and attributes. While not as outstanding as S or A Tier backgrounds, B Tier options offer versatility and competence. Characters with B Tier backgrounds are well-rounded and capable, making them valuable assets in various situations within the game.

BackgroundStarting Skills
Beast HunterFitnessBallisticsGastronomy
Long HaulerWeight LiftingPilotingBallistic Weapon Systems
GangsterShotgun CertificationBoxingTheft

C Tier

In Starfield, the C Tier of the Starfield Backgrounds tier list give your character a humble start. Even though these backgrounds may not give you big advantages or special skills, they still give you unique chances to play a part. Characters with C Tier backgrounds start out with fewer skills or experiences, and they may have to face challenges to get to the top of the game. NPCs might not like your character at first, but your character’s progress and deeds can change how they feel about you over time.

BackgroundStarting Skills
ProfessorAstrodynamicsGeologyResearch Methods
HomesteaderGeologySurveyingWeight Lifting
Background skills
Background skills


How does the tier system work in the Starfield Backgrounds Tier List?

The tier system categorizes backgrounds into four levels: S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, and C Tier. S Tier backgrounds are the most exceptional, while C Tier backgrounds represent a more humble starting point. Players can use this ranking to choose a background that aligns with their desired gameplay style.

Can my character’s background change throughout the game in Starfield?

No, your character’s background is typically a fixed choice at the beginning of the game. It plays a significant role in determining your character’s initial skills, abilities, and how NPCs interact with you. While your character’s abilities can improve over time, their chosen background remains constant.

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