Sofia Boza-Holman – Adam Kinzinger Wife, Career, Personal Life, and more

Sofia Boza-Holman is the wife of Adam Kinzinger; they have been together since 2020. Here is everything you should know.

Born onMarch 25, 1989
Born inIllinois, Chicago
Zodiac SignPisces
Net Worth$1 Million
Height1.72 meters
Sofia Boza-Holman and Adam Kinzinfer

Former American politician Adam Kinzinger works as a senior political analyst for CNN. From 2011 until 2023, he represented Illinois in the US Congress. Kinzinger, who belonged to the Republican Party, served as a representative for Illinois’ 11th and 16th congressional districts. He serves in the Air National Guard as a lieutenant colonel.

Who is Sofia Boza-Holman?

Sofia Boza-Holman is the wife of an American politician, Adan Kinzinger. Carlos Boza, an influential politician in El Salvador, is the father of Sofia. For suspected drug trafficking, corruption, and bribery, her father, Carlos, was being investigated. Her mother’s name hasn’t yet been made public.

She neither has siblings nor is she the sole kid of her parents. Political activist Pia Boza is her aunt. Sofia went to a neighborhood high school in her community. She registered for classes at New York University and South Methodist University. She is a political campaign manager with a master’s degree.

Sofia Boza-Holman has worked with government agencies and political organizations. She worked for John Boehner, the last Speaker of the House, for over two years, starting as a staff assistant and then moving up to the role of communications advisor.

She worked for the Republican National Committee for the bulk of 2016. Her duties included serving as the Hispanic media’s press secretary. Boza-Holman joined the White House staff during the Trump administration as the regional communications director after a short stint working for the inauguration committee. According to a report on White House employees that was released in June 2017, Sofia earned $62,000 a year in her position.

The next year, in January 2018, she started working as the vice president’s office’s director of strategic media. She remained employed in that position for an additional two years before switching to the Department of Homeland Security.

Sofia was still employed as the deputy assistant secretary for media relations until August 2020. She has been a communication professional in the Washington, DC-Baltimore region ever since. The Department of Homeland Security is one of the main organizations her employment supports.

More on Sofia and Adam Kinzinger’s personal life

Given that Adam Kinzinger works on Capitol Hill and Sofia Boza-Holman once had a position in the White House, it’s conceivable that they first met via common colleagues. Their relationship began in 2018, at the very least. Kinzinger and Capt. Riki Meyers of the Air Force was set to marry before being divorced in 2011.

They met while attending flight school in Enid, Oklahoma, in 2004 and have been close ever since. On a pier with a view of the Atlantic Ocean in Charleston, South Carolina, he proposed to her. Though he subsequently acknowledged to the Chicago Tribune that he felt they would be “a fantastic fit,” things did not work out.

On February 15, 2020, Sofia Boza-Holman and Adam Kinzinger were married in Antigua, Guatemala. The location for the couple’s ideal vacation wedding had already been chosen. The couple celebrated the birth of their first child in the world in January 2022. Christian was revealed as the name of their infant boy by Adam on Twitter.

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