Social Casinos in Poland: Is Free Gambling Worth Your Time?

Gambling in Poland is on the rise: three leading websites alone –,, and – are home to over 6.4 million users, and the number of people interested in gambling is rapidly increasing. So is the number of sites to play on.

There are bazillions of renowned online casinos to spend your time with, but very few of them will offer you the pleasure of social gambling, a pretty rare yet highly in-demand type of online entertainment that allows you to indulge in casino games without spending a dime.

Sounds interesting? Then let’s drill down to the fundamentals of social casinos in Poland along with , a gambling expert from KasynoHEX, so that you can decide on your own whether you want to try this type of gambling or whether it’s better to stick to your guns with classic slots and table games.

What’s Special about Social Casinos?

In some regards, social casinos are no different from their full-fledged counterparts: they are oftentimes run by real casinos, they provide more or less the same choice of games, and they are also available via mobile apps, desktop apps, or just popular web browsers.

But there are several things that make social casinos different:

  • You are not gambling at social casinos. Whether you’re playing social games on Facebook or anywhere else, you are playing with virtual coins, which you can get for free upon registration, from your friends, in exchange for viewing ads, or – drumroll – by purchasing. But that doesn’t count as gambling as even though you do spend money, you don’t spend it on gambling but rather to extend your playtime.
  • You have access to social games in many jurisdictions. Social games are allowed in many jurisdictions where gambling is forbidden, which makes them the only legal gambling option for millions of players around the world. You cannot be prosecuted for playing social games as there’s no gambling involved. Anti-gambling laws cannot be applied to social games regardless of whether regulators want it or not.
  • You can play social games even if gambling is forbidden by your religion, social status, etc. Gambling is frowned upon by many religions as a vicious activity, but that has nothing to do with social games.

Now you might think social casino games are a blessing, but they do have pitfalls as well. First of all, you cannot win cash while you may have to spend money on purchasing virtual coins if you’ve spent it all and don’t have any other ways to replenish your account. Secondly, there are many tempting paid extras like gifts, extra plays, etc.

Finally, just like regular casino games, social games can cause gambling addiction if you’re not careful enough to limit your social gambling to a reasonable amount of time.

Free-to-Play Games vs. Social Casino Games

But wait…is there any real difference between free games offered by countless casinos and social games? Because if there’s no difference, then why on earth would you need social casinos when you can choose from tons of free-to-play games?

In fact, social casino games are quite close to classic free-to-play games, with the only difference being the level of interaction. In social games, you can have customizable avatars, special in-game elements, tournaments, challenges, and more fun stuff. Classic games also have some of that, but nowhere near as much. 

If you’re interested in pure gambling, though, then you might as well choose classic free-to-play casino games since they won’t oblige you to play for real money while providing the same features as their real-money versions. To pick the game that will resonate with you, you can visit or a top-tier casino review website alike – you will find there thousands of free games as well as valuable tips on boosting your performance with online casinos.

Last but not least, do not forget that

gambling is addictive. If you’ve revealed symptoms of gambling addiction in yourself or your loved ones, immediately ask for help at any of the international – Gamblers Anonymous, BeGambleAware, GamCare, etc. – or your local problem gambling organizations.

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