Smite Joust Tier List – Best Picks for Ranked Mode

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Welcome to our Smite Joust Tier List, where we present you with the best of the best Gods for Joust, Arena, and other modes in ranked order. 

With a big number of approximately 100 playable characters in Smite, it can be quite overwhelming to determine the best Gods for your team composition and strategy. However, fear not, because we have ranked them from S Tier to D Tier, making it easier for you to make informed decisions and dominate your opponents on the battleground of the gods.

Smite Joust Tier List

S Tier

In the upper echelon of godhood, we have the S Tier. These divine beings possess unparalleled strength, versatility, and overall dominance in the battlefield. They are the crux of any team composition, capable of turning the tides of battle with their extraordinary abilities. If victory is what you seek, then consider these Gods as your top choices:

NameRole and Abilities
FreyaMagical ADC with strong ranged damage and mobility.
HeimdallrVersatile hunter with high damage and crowd control.
YemojaSupportive mage with excellent crowd control and healing capabilities.

A Tier

Just below the supreme beings, we have the A Tier Gods in the Smite Joust Tier List. Although slightly less potent than their S Tier counterparts, these deities still possess immense power and can significantly impact the outcome of any match. Choose from the following Gods to strengthen your team’s chances of emerging victorious:

NameRole and Abilities
AchillesWarrior with high damage, mobility, and crowd control.
HeraMage with summonable pet and strong area control.
TyrWarrior with strong crowd control and sustain.

B Tier

Moving down the list, we enter the realm of the B Tier Gods. These deities provide a solid foundation for any team composition, offering a blend of damage, crowd control, and utility. They may not possess the raw power of the higher tiers, but they are reliable allies you can count on:

NameRole and Abilities
IzanamiHunter with good damage and lane clear.
PersephoneMage with powerful zoning and area control.
SerqetAssassin with high mobility and burst damage.
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C Tier

Next, we have the C Tier Gods, who strike a delicate balance between offense and defense. These gods offer a well-rounded set of skills that can adapt to various situations, making them reliable choices for those seeking versatility:

NameRole and Abilities
Ah Muzen CabHunter with strong sustained damage and zoning.
ChaacWarrior with good sustain and area control.
RaijinMage with burst damage and strong area control.

D Tier

In the D Tier of the Smite Joust Tier List, we find Gods who require a higher level of skill and coordination to achieve success. While they may present a more significant challenge, skilled players can still leverage their unique abilities to make a meaningful impact on the battlefield:

NameRole and Abilities
LokiAssassin with high single-target damage but lacks team fight presence.
VamanaWarrior with limited crowd control and damage output.
ZeusMage with high area damage but lacks mobility and escape options.

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