Roblox Elemental Awakening Tier List – August 2022

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Do you want to know which element is the best in Roblox Elemental Awakening? Find out for yourself by reading our Elemental Awakening Tier List below.

Roblox Elemental Awakening is a very popular Roblox game and there are so many gamers who enjoy playing this game. In Roblox’s exciting experience, Elemental Awakening, you’ll harness the elements to discover your true power. No matter what magic you wield, or what curse you cast, your ability to control earth, gravity, blood, and more is the key to defeating all enemies on the battlefield.

But how you will know which elements are the best? With so many elements, you will definitely need the Elemental Awakening tier list that will help you to know the strongest elements in the game. S Tier elements are clearly the best in the game, while D Tier elements should be avoided. Remember that the best element will also depend on the particular player. Players will have to try and experiment in order to determine which element is right for them and their gameplay style.

Elemental Awakening gameplay
Elemental Awakening gameplay

Roblox Elemental Awakening Tier List 

The tier list is crucial since it will allow you to identify the game’s current greatest elements. There are several factors, that make it time-consuming to determine which element is ideal for you. In order for you to choose the element that is ideal for you, our Elemental Awakening Tier List will help you rank the elements based on their overall strength in the game. Read the tier list for the top elements in Elemental Awakening down below without wasting any more time.

S Tier

  • Gravity
  • Time
  • Celestial

A Tier

  • Reality Collapse
  • Lightning

B Tier

  • Eclipse
  • Darkness
  • Wind

C Tier

  • Blood
  • Fire

D Tier

  • Metal
  • Water
  • Earth
Elemental Awakening gameplay
Elemental Awakening gameplay

You must follow this tier list if you want to play with the best element. We can’t guarantee that our tier list will meet your demands, so try out or experiment with some elements to see what works for you. It is still recommended that you try out the top-tier elements first, and if this isn’t what you are looking for, then try other tiers.

These tiers have been assembled based on the overall power and utility of the ability in the game at present. The players can find a C-tier element better suited to their playstyle than an S-tier element. This is expected since not every player thinks in the same way.

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