Rise of Kingdoms Lohar Build – Skills, Talents, Commanders, and More

Rise of Kingdoms Lohar Build

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Want to use Lohar in Rise of Kingdoms? Well, you will need the best Rise of Kingdoms Lohar build and we have that for you.

In Rise of Kingdoms, where everything is always changing, understanding the details of commander builds is key to taking over the fight. There are many leaders, but Lohar stands out as a strong one, especially in Player vs. Environment (PVE) games. This guide covers everything you need to know about Lohar’s rise to power, including his skills, benefits, and a carefully thought-out Rise of Kingdoms Lohar build that will guarantee you the most success.

Skill tree
Skill tree

Rise of Kingdoms Lohar Build: Skills

Overwhelming Force – Active Skill

Lohar’s active skill, “Overwhelming Force,” is a game-changer in PVE. It deals direct damage to a single target while simultaneously healing a portion of your army’s slightly wounded units. The synergy of damage and healing makes it a strategic powerhouse.

Sanction – Passive Skill

For PVE enthusiasts, “Sanction” is a boon. This passive skill increases damage dealt to barbarians and neutral units, setting Lohar apart as a specialist in defeating these foes. The escalating bonus damage makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Lohar’s Trial – Passive Skill

An invaluable asset, “Lohar’s Trial” not only benefits Lohar but elevates all commanders in the current army by increasing their experience gain. This makes him a pivotal figure in leveling up your entire roster efficiently.

Unruly Blood and Unyielding Spirit – Passive Skills

“Unruly Blood” and “Unyielding Spirit” work together to keep you on top of the fight. When Lohar leaves a fight, these passive skills heal his troops. “Unyielding Spirit” has a higher Healing Factor, which makes him a strong opponent for long battles.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • PVE Dominance: Lohar emerges as a great Epic Commander for PVE, excelling in defeating barbarians and neutral units.
  • Healing Prowess: His remarkable healing effects set him apart, ensuring longevity in battles.
  • XP Boost: “Lohar’s Trial” catapults him into the realm of top commanders by providing a substantial experience bonus.
  • Versatility: Lohar proves to be a versatile commander, effective with any type of unit.


  • PVE Exclusive: Lohar, while excelling in PVE, is not the go-to choice for Player vs. Player scenarios.
  • Low Defense: His defensive capabilities are not his strong suit, making careful strategy essential.

Rise of Kingdoms Lohar Build: Unlocking the PVE Potential

In PVE fights, Lohar’s skills work together perfectly to help him win. “Overwhelming Force” does damage and heals at the same time, and “Sanction” does more damage to certain enemies. When “Lohar’s Trial” comes out, it changes the game and makes fighting experience much better.

“Unruly Blood” and “Unyielding Spirit” make Lohar an even stronger PVE monster by healing him automatically when a fight ends. Because of this and his knowledge, your troops will always be at their best and ready for the next battle.

Select your build carefully
Select your build carefully

Rise of Kingdoms Lohar Build: Peacekeeping Talents

Quick Study

Boost your experience gain by 15% when combined with “Lohar’s Trial,” creating an 85% additional experience gain, ideal for leveling up other commanders.


Reduce action points cost for attacking barbarians and neutral units by 9%, optimizing your efficiency in PVE activities.


Enhance march speed by 9%, ensuring swift movements across the map during PVE engagements.

Killer Instinct

Increase normal attack damage against barbarians and neutral units by 9%, facilitating more effective elimination of foes.


Amplify skill damage against barbarians and neutral units by 15%, benefiting both Lohar and your secondary commander.

Double-Edged Sword

Balance increased damage dealt and received by 15%, with a significant boost to healing effects—ideal for prolonged battles.

Trophy Hunter

After defeating foes, earn valuable resource packs, providing an economic advantage.

Curing Chant

Heal your troops after defeating enemies, with a healing factor of 500, further enhancing Lohar’s sustainability.

Rise of Kingdoms Lohar Build: Support Talents

Loose Formation

Reduce skill damage taken by 9%, crucial for both PVE and PVP scenarios.

Burning Blood

Gain additional rage with each normal attack, facilitating more frequent skill usage.

Hasty Departure

Increase march speed when departing a structure, a tactical choice for reaching specific points quickly.


Instantly restore rage whenever a skill is used, synergizing with “Burning Blood” for efficient skill rotation.


Augment healing effects received by troops by 9%, creating a formidable combination with “Double-Edged Sword.”


Boost troop attack after healing, creating a powerful cycle of offense and defense.

Rise of Kingdoms Lohar Build: Integration Talents

In this Rise of Kingdoms Lohar build, we refrain from utilizing any “Integration” talents, ensuring a focused and optimized PVE configuration.

Lohar’s Role in PVE

Lohar is at his strongest when he is fighting neutral units on the map. Because of the abilities he has chosen, his healing powers are unmatched, and they make him a PVE legend. Because how long he works relies on things like the commander’s level and weapons, he is a valuable addition to any commander lineup.

Lohar is very good at beating barbarians, but it’s important to keep in mind that barbarian forts deal less damage, so it might not be the best use of his skills. For Free-to-Play (F2P) players, focused and planned usage of Lohar is key. They use “Lohar’s Trial” to level up leaders quickly while fighting barbarians or protecting “Holy Sites.”


Rise of Kingdoms Lohar Build: Best Commanders Pairings for Lohar

  • Legendary Cavalry Commander: A versatile choice for both PVE and PVP, providing substantial damage against neutral units and crucial healing.
  • Boudica: An Epic commander with potent damage skills, unit flexibility, increased damage against neutral units, and a healing factor.
  • Diaochan: Another outstanding Epic commander for PVE, boasting significant damage skills, increased damage to neutral units, and enhanced XP gain.

To sum up, Lohar is the best PVE leader in Rise of Kingdoms. His skill isn’t just about beating enemies; it’s an investment in long-term success. Being able to master Lohar’s skills and abilities gives you a new level of power in Rise of Kingdoms, a game whose world is always changing. Follow our Rise of Kingdoms Lohar build and be the strongest.


What are the best commanders to pair with Lohar for PVE?

Legendary cavalry commanders and other Epic commanders like Boudica and Diaochan are excellent choices for PVE synergy with Lohar, providing a balance of damage, healing, and versatility.

How does Lohar’s healing factor work in battles?

Lohar’s healing factor is embedded in skills like “Overwhelming Force,” “Unruly Blood,” and “Unyielding Spirit.” These skills automatically heal his troops either during the battle or upon leaving, ensuring sustained endurance.

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