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Release Date for upcoming Pokemon Horizons: The Series has been announced. Here is everything we know so far.

Every fan loves Pokemon. Be it Pokemon games, series, or anime, the love for Pokemon doesn’t fade away. There have been numerous games and anime series from Pokemon, yet the hype and buzz never reduced. The Pokemon Anime series has attained cult status over the years. Every Pokemon anime has hit the bullseye and the hype gets increased for the next one. Pokemon Horizons, the next Pokemon-based anime is all set for its first premiere soon.

Pokemon Horizons: The Series is an upcoming Japanese-based Anime TV series that’s based on Pokemon games. Horizons is written by Dai Satō and directed by Saori Den. Pokemon Horizons has two protagonists, Loko and Roy from Paldea and Kanto regions. After being under production for a while, the makers revealed the release date for Pokemon Horizons Anime. A new trailer for Pokemon Horizons featuring several characters has been launched. Here’s all about Pokemon Horizons: The Series Release Date, Storyline, Characters, and Trailer in our guide.

Pokemon Horizons: The Series – Release Date

The next adventure in the Pokemon series is about to kickstart. Pokemon Horizons, the Japanese anime, is all set for a premiere on April 14th, 2023 in Japan. Pokemon Horizons will premiere in other regions in the mid of 2023 and the date is not revealed yet. Fans in Japan can watch the first episode of the anime series on TV Tokyo on April 14th, 2023.

Pokemon Horizons’ first episode will be a one-hour special program on television in Japan. The series will premiere outside Japan later this year. An exciting adventure awaits fans of the Pokemon Series.

Pokemon Horizons – Story

After the popular Ash Ketchum Pokemon Anime, Pokemon Horizons is the next big release among fans. Roy and Loko are set for a big adventure and they have to find out mysterious stories in the Pokemon world. Liko has a mysterious pendant object and Roy also has a mysterious and ancient-looking Poke Ball. Both Roy and Loko have to fight against the Pokemon of Legend and they join the Rising Volt Tacklers group headed by Professor Friede and Captain Pikachu. Mollie, Murdock, and Ludlow are the other members of this group.

The Pokemon Horizons trailer showcases Roy and Loko along with their friends including Captain Pikachu, Fuecoco, Professor Friede, Quaxly, Sprigatito, Orio, Kurumin, and more. Here’s the Pokemon Horizons trailer that takes you into the new world of Pokemon,

Pokemon Horizons will be a completely new experience for Pokemon fans. This series is based on the recent Pokemon Scarlet and Violet from Nintendo. The 8th release from the Pokemon Series, Pokemon Horizons is also the first Pokemon anime to have its name in English. New Pokemon heroes will make their debut and the popular Pokemon fictional character, Ash Ketchum will not appear in this series. More about Pokemon Horizons and its episodes can be expected one by one in the coming days.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Horizons: The Series release date and updates. 

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