Pokemon Horizons Episode 9 – Ending Explained and What to Expect Next?

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In Pokemon Horizons Episode 9, Liko won the battle but will the gym circuit help her to get strong? Who is she going to fight next? Read everything in this article below.

Welcome to our recap of Pokemon Horizons Episode 9, where we will see the events that unfolded in this thrilling episode. In “Arrival in Paldea!”, the Rising Volt Tacklers embark on their journey through the legendary Paldea region, encountered in the Scarlet and Violet games. Meanwhile, our courageous protagonist, Liko, faces relationship challenges with her faithful Sprigatito.

Note: Spoilers Ahead! If you haven’t watched Pokemon Horizons Episode 9 yet, proceed with caution.

Pokemon Horizons Episode 9 Recap

The Pokemon Horizons Episode 9 picks up shortly after the events of Episode 8. Liko, Roy, and Dot come to the realization that the Brave Asagi has arrived in the Paldea region, following the path of Friede and Captain Pikachu from the previous episode.

Dot, previously revealed as the Pokemon streamer Nidothing, realizes her attire has become quite unpleasant. Taking a moment to freshen up, she washes her clothes while the rest of the Rising Volt Tacklers venture into the Paldea region. Their primary objectives are to enjoy their time in Mesagoza City and uncover the mysteries surrounding the elusive black Rayquaza.

As mentioned in earlier episodes, the Rising Volt Tacklers were hired by Liko’s family to ensure her safety and accompany her back to Paldea. Although Liko is aware of this, she struggles with the realization that her grand adventure might be coming to an end. Throughout the episode, she appears distant and preoccupied, contemplating her next move and whether she truly wishes to return home to Paldea.

Mesagoza City

While Orla and Mollie indulge in some retail therapy, Liko, Friede, and Roy head to Mesagoza City. On their way, they encounter a man riding a Cyclizar, inadvertently obstructing his path. Apologetic, Friede and Roy quickly make amends before continuing their exploration of the city.

During their time in Mesagoza, Friede attempts to contact Liko’s father, who resides nearby. However, her attempts go unanswered, prompting the group to visit Liko’s home instead. Meanwhile, Dot finishes washing her Nidothing clothes on the Brave Asagi and hangs them out to dry on the airship’s railings.

At Liko’s home, she joyfully reunites with her family’s beloved Fidough, showering the Pokemon with affection. Liko’s affectionate display incites a twinge of jealousy in her Sprigatito, causing the Pokemon to keep its trainer at arm’s length throughout the episode.

The Decision

In addition to seeking advice from others on how to mend her relationship with Sprigatito, our Pokemon Horizons protagonist grapples with the decision of whether to remain at home in Paldea or continue her adventure to broaden her horizons.

As Liko passes the Brave Asagi, she notices the Nidothing costume hanging out to dry on the deck. However, oblivious to Dot’s secret identity as the popular Pokemon online personality, she dismisses it as a mere coincidence. Liko proceeds to purchase food for Sprigatito, but on her way back home, she falls victim to a Lechonk, which steals her food.

Caught off guard without her trusted Pokemon by her side, Liko struggles to reclaim her food from the mischievous Lechonk. This encounter serves as a reminder that wild Pocket Monsters can pose a threat to those who lack a protective companion. Fortunately, Sprigatito arrives just in time, engaging in a fierce battle with the Lechonk and triumphing with a swift Quick Attack.

Pokemon Horizons Episode 9 Ending Explained

Reconciled and victorious, the trainer and Pokemon return home, where they regale Liko’s father, Alex, with tales of their extraordinary adventures thus far. After a lot of searching during the day and the night prior, Liko firmly expresses her desire to continue adventuring with the Rising Volt Tacklers. To her delight, Alex acknowledges the importance of experiencing the world and supports her decision wholeheartedly.

Meanwhile, Friede engages in a lengthy conversation with Alex, getting into the enigmatic black Rayquaza that emerged during the Explorers’ attack in Roy’s hometown. Although Alex does not possess the full story behind the dazzling Pokemon, he believes that the mysterious Area Zero in Paldea might hold the answers. He recommends seeking insights from his acquaintance, Brassius, who may possess valuable information.

Mounted on Friede’s Charizard, Liko, Sprigatito, and Friede embark on new adventures, eager to unravel the secrets surrounding Area Zero and the elusive rare Pokemon sighted by Brassius.

Pokemon Horizons Episode 9: What to Expect Next?

What lies ahead in Pokemon Horizons Episode 10? After an action-packed Episode 9 that delved deep into character development, particularly for Liko and Sprigatito, fans are eagerly awaiting the next episode. Episode 10 promises to bring new surprises and thrilling encounters, building upon the momentum of the previous episode.

Liko’s Encounter with Nemona

In the preview provided, viewers catch a glimpse of an exciting meeting between Liko and Nemona, an important character from the Scarlet and Violet games. Nemona, known as an ace trainer of Naranja Academy, brings a wealth of experience and skills to the table. This encounter hints at the potential for an epic battle or collaboration between the two characters. Fans can expect to witness Liko’s growth as a trainer and her interactions with Nemona, providing valuable insights into the world of Pokemon.

Brassius’ Gym Leader Challenge

Another captivating aspect showcased in the preview is Brassius, a formidable gym leader. Liko and Roy are seen taking on Brassius’ gym challenge, which promises excitement and intense battles. In the games, trainers had to embark on a quest to find hidden Sunflora in the town of Artazon before they could face Brassius and earn his coveted gym badge. The preview reveals Brassius’ Sudowoodo in the arena, foreshadowing an epic clash between Liko and this powerful Pokemon.

Journeying through the Paldean Gym Circuit

As Liko and Roy set their sights on improving their battling skills, they decide to undertake the Paldean gym circuit. This journey promises thrilling encounters with various gym leaders, each with their own unique battle styles and strategies. By challenging and defeating these gym leaders, Liko and Roy aim to strengthen their Pokemon team and prove their worth as formidable trainers.

While the Paldean gym circuit holds great promise, a sense of mystery looms over our heroes. The enigmatic Area Zero of The Great Crater of Paldea captivates their curiosity and leaves fans on the edge of their seats. As Liko and Roy take their next steps, they will undoubtedly face challenges, unravel secrets, and confront powerful adversaries. The narrative intensity is set to escalate, leaving viewers yearning for more as they eagerly anticipate the next episode.

How to Watch Pokemon Horizons?

At present, Pokemon Horizons is exclusively being broadcasted in Japan through TV stations like TV Tokyo. The ninth episode is scheduled to premiere on June 2, 2023, at 18:55 Japanese Standard Time. However, the airing time will naturally vary depending on the location of the viewers. It’s worth checking out the relevant time zones to know when fans can expect the episode to be released.

In case viewers are unable to watch the episode on TV Tokyo, they can also find the new episode on platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Hulu in Japan. This suggests that viewers in other parts of the world may be able to access the episode by using a VPN.

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