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Here is our Guide on how to find all the HMs in Pokemon BDSP. Some are very easy to find and some are a bit harder.

In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, there are eight Hidden Moves, and while most of them are quite easy to find, some are a little more difficult. Fortunately, none of the exploring is too unpleasant because, like other recent Pokemon games, BDSP goes out of its way to guide the player to their next task, which usually includes finding HMs.

It is no longer required to have a Pokémon that knows the Hidden Move in order to utilize it to explore the world, as it was in the original Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games. Instead, after the player discovers the HM for the first time, it is saved to their Pokétch, and they can use it whenever they want as long as they have the required gym badge. Here is our guide for all the HM locations in Pokemon BDSP.

cut in Pokemon BDSP
Cut in Pokemon BDSP

Pokemon BDSP HM Locations

HMs are no longer taught to a Pokemon in your party, as said before. Because you had to have an HM-only Pokemon in your party, it was extremely restrictive. HMs are now installed in your Poketch in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, allowing the trainer to summon a wild Pokemon to assist you!


Trainers will meet Cynthia on Eterna City’s northernmost road. Cynthia will give the player several Cut TMs after introducing herself, which will appear as a Hidden Move. After defeating Eterna City gym leader Gardenia and progressing through the plot, you can use Cut outside of battle.

fly in Pokemon BDSP
Fly in Pokemon BDSP


This is the first Hidden Move that can be missed. It’s in a Poké Ball in Veilstone City’s warehouse. After defeating the Team Galactic Grunts in a double encounter with Dawn in front of the building, you can get access to it. Fly allows you to quickly fly to any city in Sinnoh that you’ve already visited after defeating Veilstone City’s gym leader Maylene. It’s not exactly essential for progress, but it will make traveling a lot easier.


Another Hidden Move that you will always get is Surf. After you fight a Team Galactic Grunt in Celestic Town and inspect the town’s ruins, Cynthia’s grandma will gift it to you. This powerful Water-type move allows you to surf over the water on the back of a Bibarel, giving you access to various new locales such as Canalave City. To use it outside of battle, you must defeat Fantina’s gym in Hearthome City.

surf in Pokemon BDSP
Surf in Pokemon BDSP


Strength is another HM in Pokémon BDSP that requires the player to go out of their way to find, as it is located on the top floor of the Lost Tower, where the essential Hidden Move can be found. The Lost Tower is a multi-story tower filled with Ghost and Dark-type Pokémon on the far eastern side of Route 209, as the name suggests. While it may not appear that this is a difficult HM to acquire, nothing in the main journey motivates the player to visit the Lost Tower, so they will have to go out of their way to get it.

strength in Pokemon BDSP
Strength in Pokemon BDSP

Rock Smash

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, this is one of the first HMs you’ll get. Simply approach the helpful hiker standing near the Oreburgh city cave’s entrance. He will give you the TM98, Rock Smash, but you won’t be able to use it until you defeat Roark, the gym leader of Oreburgh City.

rock smash in Pokemon BDSP
Rock Smash in Pokemon BDSP

Rock Climb 

This HM in Pokémon BDSP isn’t difficult to find if the player knows where to look. Many late-game areas require Rock Climb, therefore it’s likely that eager players who raced through the route originally will find themselves returning on Route 217 at some point, looking for the Rock Climb HM they missed. The Rock Climb HM can be located here, hidden behind a house on the route’s western side by a layer of snow.

Rock Climb in Pokemon BDSP
Rock Climb in Pokemon BDSP


Defog can be found in the Great Marsh region of Pastoria City. While the Great Marsh holds some highly sought-after Pokémon, the player is never required to enter the building during their adventure, which may make some people to miss it. The entrance fee to the Great Marsh is 500 PokéDollars, however, once inside, the HM is pretty easy to locate, as it is delivered by an Ace Trainer standing close to the right of the entrance. While this isn’t necessarily secret, the player must know how to reach the Ace Trainer in order to obtain the HM.

Defog in Pokemon BDSP
Defog in Pokemon BDSP


Waterfall is the final Hidden Move, and you won’t be able to miss it. After defeating Volkner, the final gym leader, Jasmine, a Johto gym leader visiting Sunnyshore City, offers the player this HM. The player can scale massive waterfalls with this Water-type move. As a result, they have access to the Pokémon League.

waterfall in Pokemon BDSP
Waterfall in Pokemon BDSP

This was our guide on how to find all the HMs in Pokemon BDSP. While you can find all of them easily, you will have to explore the region and talk to the NPCs on your Journey to become the Pokemon Champion.

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