(Photos) Bobby Lashley doesn’t believe he will age despite US title reign after close to 15 years

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Bobby Lashley won the US title nearly 15 years ago and he is still going strong

Hurt Business star and United States champion, Bobby Lashley, is having the time of his life on his return to WWE.

The former ECW champion was a top performer on TNA and other promotions after he left WWE.

Lashley was a monster than won the US title in 2006 and then the ECW title too. However, he tried his luck on other wrestling promotions and was a successful MMA star too.

Bobby Lashley and MVP are members of the Hurt Business
Bobby Lashley and MVP are members of the Hurt Business (WWE)

Lashley has an MMA record of 15 wins and two losses and he won a few titles too. The American has opened up his own gym and has started other businesses too.

Lashley’s return to WWE didn’t hit the spot, especially with his marriage to Lana and him attacking Rusev.

However, forming the Hurt Business with MVP has seen the best of both stars after their return to WWE.

Lashley won the US title again in 2020, nearly 15 years later than his first reign, and he looks better than ever.

Not going to slow down

While Lashley kept the title at Clash of Champions one fan believed that age will catch up to the All Mighty.

Lashley is 44 but he doesn’t look any different to what he did when making his WWE debut. The All Mighty also brought this up and didn’t think he was going to age:

Lashley seems to be in the shape of his life, and he could keep the US title for a while. His chase for the WWE title against Drew McIntyre didn’t work out too well since Lana interfered.

Lashley and Lana WWE Raw results, winners, grades and reaction nashville tornadoes
Lana and Lashley were officially a couple (Image credit: WWE)

He divorced the Ravishing Russian soon and has concentrated working with MVP. The Hurt Business also has Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander as their members, and the quartet could dominate Raw.

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