Paradox Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – How to Catch, Location and more

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Have you all found all the Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet? If not here are all the Paradox Pokemon locations, How to catch them, abilities and more on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been received well by players and Pokemon fans. As the game has been a promising one from the Pokemon franchise, players are enjoying all the new content, features and new type of Pokemon. Much to their delight, here comes another addition to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in the form of Paradox.

Basically the Paradox Pokemon are a new species in the game as they have been unleashed from past and future which is a strange thing. Also these Paradox Pokemon are Pocket Monsters versions that are available in two parts for both the games. As Pokemon Scarlet will include the Ancient Paradox Pokemon likewise Pokemon Violet will have the future Paradox Pokemon species.

Here are all the locations, abilities of Paradox Pokemon from both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Ancient Paradox Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet

Great Tusk

Great Tusk is the very first Paradox Pokemon in Scarlet version and it’s a Ground/Fighting type Pokemon. Protosynthesis is the ability for this Pokemon. You can identify the Great Tusk Pokemon at the Research Station 4 cave which is so close and at the bottom region of Area Zero. Great Tusk can be obtained at the climax of the main story.

Scream Tail

Scream Tail is a Fairy/Psychic type Paradox which can be seen at the Research Stations of Paldea. Protosynthesis is once again the ability for this Paradox Pokemon. Also Scream Tail is said to be one of the most abundant Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet.

Brute Bonnet

Brute Bonnet is a Grass/Dark species Paradox with Protosynthesis as its ability. Brute Bonnet Paradox are mostly seen at all the regions of Area Zero. If you are unable to find it here, then locate and explore through Caves and Observatory spots. Finish the main story and obtain the Paradox Pokemon which keeps spawning often here at these places.

Flutter Mane

Flutter Mane is Ghost/Fairy Paradox that is often seen in the research station 4 cave, small caves, large caves of Area Zero. Flutter Mane also uses the Protosynthesis as its ability which can also enhance the stats of the Paradox in the scorching sunlight.

Roaring Moon

Roaring Moon is a Dark/Dragon type Paradox which is available only in the Hidden Cave research stations 1 and 3 as this is a rare Paradox species. Complete all the story route challenges to catch Roaring Moon Paradox. If you are not able to find any Roaring Moon spawning at these spots then you may have to defeat several enemies.

Sandy Shocks

Sandy Shocks belongs to the Ground/Electric type of Paradox which uses Protosynthesis as its ability. You will easily rarely spot Sandy Shocks on the Ledges, Cliffs of Research Stations. Also Sandy Shocks will be roaming at the grass regions of Area Zero.

Slither Wing

Slither Wing is a Fighting/Bug rtype Paradox. Explore the Cliffs, Research Station 1, Research 3 regions of Area Zero to catch this Paradox. Slither Wing Paradox Pokemon is rarely seen yet you will be able to catch it easily.

Future Paradox Pokemon in Pokemon Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Iron Treads

Iron Treads will be the first Paradox in Pokemon Violet. A Ground/Steel type Paradox which uses the Quark Drive abilities. The Quark Drive ability enhances the Paradox’s stat on the Electric Terrain. Iron Treads are common species that you can easily find and catch at the Research Station 4 Caves.

Iron Valiant

Iron Valiant is a Fighting/Fairy Paradox that spawns at the Research Station 2 and Research Station 3. Iron Valiant also deploys the Quark Drive abilities basically. Iron Valiant is a very rare Paradox from the caves and you should be defeating the opponents and completing the story routes to get this species.

Iron Bundle

Iron Bundle is a Water/Ice Paradox that spawns at the Cliffs of Research Stations 1, 2 and 3. Find this Paradox at the Grass regions and also inside the caves. Completing the Story Paths is a must for catching the Iron Bundle from these locations. Iron Bundle also boasts the Quark Drive ability.

Iron Thorns

The Iron Thorns Paradox Pokemon are seen often at the Area Zero location especially at the Hidden Caves, Research Station 4 and the other Caves. A Flying/Dark type Paradox which is a powerful one with its Quark Drive skills. Complete all the story routes and explore the Cliffs and Caves at the Area Zero regions to catch this Paradox.

Iron Jugulis

Iron Jugulis which uses Quark Drive ability is both Flying and Dark type Paradox Pokemon which is found at the Area Zero Caves, Research Station 4, Research Station 3 and Hidden Caves. But you need to complete the story routes in order to get access to Iron Jugulis from these spots where the Paradox spawns.

Iron Hands

Iron Hands is a Electric/Fighting type Paradox. This is often seen at the cliffs of Research Stations 1, 2, and 3. Iron Hands Pokemon is a common Paradox available at outside and inside the caves of Area Zero. But you need to finish all the three story paths challenges first to get access.

Iron Moth

Iron Moth is seen at all the Grassy spots of Research Station 1 on the Zero Area. Basically the Iron Moth Paradox is a Fire/Poison Pokemon with Quark Drive as its ability. Get to the First Research Area spots to get hold of these Pokemon. Catching the Iron Moth is also not an uphill task.

All these are the exclusive versions of Pokemon Paradox in both Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. You may explore the locations of these Paradox which have been listed above with its ability and type.

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