Optic Texas Warzone 2 Tournament – Prize Pool, How to Watch and more

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Optic Texas Warzone 2 Tournament is going on right now. Here are all the details about the biggest Warzone 2 tournament of 2022.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 has just begun, but the craze for the game is on the same level as it was on Day 1. Right now a big Warzone 2 Tournament is set to happen which will be conducted by the famous ESports Club from Texas which is none other than the Optic Texas. Optic Texas is a prominent ESports team from Texas who also owns Optic Gaming.

Right now Optic Texas is hosting a bigger Warzone 2 Tournament event which is the Optic Texas Warzone 2.0 $100K Tournament. This tournament will be held in two phases and the prize amount will also be split into $25K+$100K. Here are more details about the Tournament.

Optic Texas Warzone 2 Tournament – Complete Guide

Round 1

The Optic Warzone 2 Tournament is held in two parts, where a total of 8 teams with 2 players in a team will be battling for a cash prize reward of $25,000. This tournament is only for content creators and it’s going to be a double elimination round. For this part, teams with the most kills will go home with the cash prize.

Round 2

While the other one will include 64 players in two teams for the first day, which will follow the Swiss Format. The final 16 Teams will move to Day 2 for which the prize amount will be $75,000.

For the second tournament, 32 teams have to win 3 matches to be eligible for next round qualification as three losses on trot will result in immediate elimination. Every match will be a 2v2 format and the ones with the most kills will win it again. Out of these 32 teams, 16 will qualify for the final double elimination round and the one who wins will be getting the prize amount $75,000 .

Teams for Optic Texas Content Creators Round

  • Symfuhny & Nadeshot
  • DrDisrespect & CourageJD
  • Noahj456 & Typical Gamer
  • DrLupo & LVNDMARK
  • Vikkstar123 & BennyCentral
  • Daltoosh & Cloakzy
  • Yourrage & Futives
  • Smixie & Kalei

Teams for Optic Texas Champs Bracket Round

  • Swag & Booya
  • Joewo & Breadman
  • Scummn & Unrational
  • Huskers & Newbz
  • Aydan & Zsmit
  • Zlaner & Destroy
  • Clutchbelk & Xenom
  • Barton & Almighty TJM
  • Crowder & Duhvera
  • Holly & Ahtracht
  • Jukeyz & Lenunlh
  • Nadia & Blazt
  • 2pac & Believe
  • Kenz & Aqsage
  • Karma & Dougisraw
  • Mutex & Foreignjase
  • Biffle & Superevan
  • Rated & Fifa
  • Tommey & Almond
  • Bobbypoff & Crimsix
  • Intechs & Stu
  • Queenshadows & Jujusaiyan
  • Skullface & Hisokla
  • Exzachtt & Braalik
  • Di3sel & Jorge
  • Sebas & GodkuI
  • cemanisaac & Envailed
  • Swishem & Niicoinfinite
  • Pamaj & Dirty
  • Warsz & Zcolors
  • Jessiejadecooks & Zcolors
  • Repulize & Lucky

How to Watch the Optic Texas Warzone 2 Tournament?  

Players and fans of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 can watch this Optic Texas tournament live on the official Call of Duty Twitch Stream channel. Live commentary, Entertaining Battles and more can be expected on this biggest tournament from Optic Texas. 

Watch out on the biggest Warzone 2 right now on the game’s Twitch channel as some of the powerful content creators and Warzone 2 players will be showcasing their skills.

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