Who is the girlfriend of Nick Chubb? Who is he dating now?

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All you should know about the girlfriend of Nick Chubb and who she is.

Nick Chubb, born on December 27, 1995, is an American football running back for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League (NFL). He used to play football while he was in school and played football in college as well.

He was drafted in 2018 by the NFL in the second round of their draft. He has amassed a total of 3,094 yards and 25 touchdowns. There have been speculations about Nick Chubb’s life, and fans have been looking for insights into the private life of the NFL star.

Nick Chubb is definitely single, and he is not dating anyone at the moment. However, as ambitious as he is, he has been linked with other women in the past.

Nick Chubb
Nick Chubb

Who is Nick Chubb dating now?

Nick Chubb is not in a relationship with anyone at the moment. He was in a relationship with Laci Shaw, and his relationship with Laci has been the most popular and well-known relationship.

Luci was said to be his first girlfriend, and their love story began at Cedartown High School in Georgia, where they were together for eight years. Nick had a crush on Laci when he was in school and wanted to approach her.

Laci was with him throughout his football career and supported him throughout. On the NFL star’s birthday in 2018, she posted a picture of the two together, and she captioned it a “belated five-year anniversary”.

The two are very private, and they have not commented on their split. The two parted ways in 2018. Lacys started dating someone else and moved on with her life. There were rumors of cheating behind Laci and Chubb’s split, but there is no proof behind the rumors.

Nick Chubbs and his ex-girlfriend Laci Shaw
Nick Chubbs and his ex-girlfriend Laci Shaw

There are not a lot of details in regard to Nick’s personal relationships, and he has kept his personal life very private. However, the only relationship he was in was the one he had with Laci.

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