Watch: Skip Bayless throws Dak Prescott’s jersey in the bin after loss to the 49ers

Avid Dallas Cowboys fan Skip Bayless was extremely disappointed by Dak Prescott’s performance against the 49ers.

The Dallas Cowboys season is over as they were unable to defeat the San Francisco 49ers for the second consecutive year. Last year, the Cowboys lost in the Wildcard Round while this time around they got tossed out in the Divisional Round.

Cowboys supporters are inconsolable once more after the team’s 12–19 loss. The Cowboys performed well in the regular season like they do every year, but they were unable to accomplish anything in the postseason. The Cowboys’ defense did a good job and held the 49ers to just 19 points, but Dak Prescott’s offense was helpless and only managed to score 12 points.

Contrary to his performance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dak Prescott struggled against the San Francisco 49ers. In the upcoming offseason, debates surrounding him will center on whether or not he is the best candidate for the position.

Skip Bayless had enough of Dak Prescott and threw his jersey in the bin after the game. He also said, “I’m sorry. That’s it. I’ve had it with Dak.

A major letdown is that the Cowboys haven’t appeared in the NFC Championship Game in more than 25 years. The franchise has continuously disappointed everyone over the years. The Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers will play in this year’s NFC Championship Game while the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals will face in the AFC Championship Game.

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