Siblings in action: Does Justin Herbert have a brother?

Siblings in action: Does Justin Herbert have a brother?

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All you should know is whether NFL star Justin Herbert has a brother and learn all the details about the two siblings.

Justin Herbert is a popular football player who plays for the Chargers in the NFL. He is one of the most competitive players and has made a lot of achievements during his career.

Justin Herbert is also supported by his family, and he has two siblings. Fans have been making speculations about how many siblings Herbert has, but the truth to the story is that he has two siblings. Let us take a deep dive into the family life of Justin Herbert and learn all there is to know.

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Justin Herbert and Mitchell Herbert

Does Justin Herbert have a brother?

Justin Herbert comes from a successful sports background, and his grandfather and father have also been part of the NFL. Justin’s grandfather, Rich Schwab, used to play in a wide receiver position during the course of his career.

His grandfather was an excellent player and played for the University of Oregon as well. Justin’s mother, Holly Herbert, was a basketball player and played for the University of Oregon.

Justin has two brothers. His elder brother is known as Mitchell Herbert, and his younger brother is Patrick Herbert. Justin’s brothers are also a part of the athletic world, as he is.

Mitchell Herbert went to the University of Montana and was the wide receiver in college. Mitchell Herbert was born on April 21, 1996, and was a great football player during his school and college years.

He was a three-sport athlete and had a grade point average of 4.0, where he became a member of the National Society. Mitchell was not taken up by the NFL, but he works in mobile biology and neuroscience.

Justin’s younger brother Patrick is a tough end for the Oregon Ducks, and he has excelled at the collegiate level. During the course of his career, Patrick had to go through a lot of stress, suffered multiple injuries, and had to stay off-season throughout.


Justin Herbert is one of the most successful players in the NFL. However, the Herberts brothers have tried their luck at football, and there has not been a big outcome to their sports career.

But, to confirm, Justin Herbert has two brothers, Mitchell Herbert and Patrick Herbert. Justin Herbert has made outstanding achievements during the course of his career and is carrying forward the legacy of his family. Let’s see what’s more to come for his family and his brothers in his career.

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