“You are going to die” NFL Twitter comes together to bring Le’Veon Bell out of ‘Suicidal’ mission 

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NFL players are known to be the strongest beast in the world of sports. Given their size, physicality and strength Le’Veon Bell possesses, he could surely take down some of the biggest stars in football. However, this time the former running back hasn’t made it into the headlines for his stint in football. But with his sensational news to enter the boxing ring. 

Le’Veon Bell is entering the boxing ring not just against any other athlete from a different sport but former UFC Champion – Uriah Hall. While both these personnel are living beasts, yet the NFL fanbase is concerned for the well-being of the former star. He might have the strength, but against Hall – it might just be a massacre. 

Le'Veon Bell
Le’Veon Bell

To those modern-day fans who are not aware about Le’Veon Bell, the #26 represented the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 30-year-old, former running back recently announced his wish to take a break from football and focus on boxing. He will be making his debut in professional boxing, going against Uriah Hall. To be precise upon the detail – Hall vs Bell will be a 4-round professional boxing match, that will take place on Oct.29 at Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona. 

Le’Veon Bell enters a ‘disgusting’ route as per NFL Fans 

Journalist Mike Bohn of ‘MMA Junkie’, went to Twitter to announce the news, “Retired UFC fighter Uriah Hall will face Le’Veon Bell in a four-round boxing match at 195 pounds on the undercard of the Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva event on Oct. 29, per sources.” 

Uriah Hall is not just an ordinary MMA fighter but a former UFC Champion, who knows how to kill his opponents in an enclosed ring. This could be the toughest challenge of Le’Veon Bell’s career. Take a look at some of the reactions from the NFL fans upon the same. 

That being said, with Anderson Silva and Jake Paul being the stars of the of show, will the former running back – Le’Veon Bell be the highlight of the night? Remains to be seen. 

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