“We’ll continue to work with him on that”- NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell gives an update on the sale of the Commanders franchise by Dan Snyder

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While majority of footballing fans were expecting Washington Commanders to be sold off to a third party much sooner, there hasn’t been any update given by Dan Snyder of the NFL. However, Commissioner Roger Goodell added to it on Wednesday by saying that he does not have any ‘expectations’ regarding a potential sale of the same franchise.

Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell even cleared that air of speculations by team owners holding up meeting regarding the sale of Washington Commanders by denying that. Previously the Snyders had announced that they had hired Ban of America Securities to consider potential transactions. Although it wasn’t clearly mentioned whether they want to sell the franchise entirely or a part of it.

The NFL commissioner hasn’t had much involvement in this matter, especially even after Dan and Tanya Snyder were reported to be interested in selling the franchise. Interestingly, Roger Goodell’s comments mentioned in the story below were his first since the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform published a report on the Washington Commanders.

What did Roger Goodell say?

“(Washington Commanders owner) Dan (Snyder)’s statement that he put out (in early November) was that he was exploring that,” Goodell told reporters from the December League Meeting in Irving, Texas as per NFL.com. “We’ll continue to work with him on that.”

Dan Snyder

Goodell was also asked about the House’s report and whether a change has been brought about in the Washington Commanders’ organization. To which Goodell affirmed by keeping his stance firm.

Dan Snyder

As it relates to the House Oversight, I think we’ve been very consistent on this from Day 1,” Goodell said. “We fully cooperated, we think we handed over 500,000 documents that we submitted, I personally spent two-and-a-half hours in testimony, I think someone told me it was 120 questions during that time period, so I really feel from the standpoint of cooperation we obviously know that because we have audits going on with the club that because of the discipline, because of the terrific investigation led by an independent counsel in this case, that the change has occurred in the Washington Commanders organization.”

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