“Tom Brady was flat out wrong”: NFL Analyst claims to have information about Todd Bowles being in the hot coaching seat

While Tom Brady came out of retirement just to win another Super Bowl with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the resignation of Bruce Arians on team’s Head Coach left some fans scratching their heads. He not only stepped down from the top seat at the organization, but Arians also decided upon taking on a reduced role as a Senior Football Consultant.

Todd Bowles
Todd Bowles

This encouraged the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to name Todd Bowles as their Head Coach, second time in his career. The former defensive coordinator of the team had huge shoes to fill, especially knowing that even Tom Brady had decided to re-join the team.

Under Bowles, Brady and his men are just inches away from being out of the playoff race. Despite winning 6 games in the 2022-23 season, they have been utterly inconsistent on numerous fronts. Upon which Skip Bayless shared some light on the latest episode of The Skip Bayless Show.

Skip Bayless determines Tom Brady, Bucs miss Bruce Arians

The 70-year-old analyst stated, “Which brings me to my final point from my trusted NFL source who is plugged into the inner workings in Tampa Bay. The source said that the thinking is inside the box that they miss Bruce Arians.”

Bruce Arians and Tom Brady
Bruce Arians and Tom Brady

Bayless went onto emphasize that his pre-season Super Bowl prediction of the Tampa Bay Bucs, Tom Brady going to the ultimate game was indeed wrong.

My source said that everybody loves and respects Todd Bowles, obviously the new head coach but the offense misses Arians’ sparks and his no risk at no biscuit swagger. And that the defense misses Todd Bowles full time coordinating and overseeing hands-on it. This was all news to me. I thought Tom Brady wanted Arians kicked upstairs. I thought that was a condition for his return out of retirement. Well, if he did, according to my source, Tom Brady was flat out wrong.”

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