“Russell Wilson, you had one job to do” Frustrated KJ Hamler slams his helmet on the field in red zone

KJ Hamler
KJ Hamler

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When Russell Wilson was traded to the Denver Broncos for a franchise-record fee, many expected the veteran Quarterback to take this franchise to greater heights. However, to simplify the reality – his stint with the Broncos has just been abysmal, and to make matters worse he seems to have upset his marquee teammate – KJ Hamler as well. 

Russell Wilson - Denver Broncos
Russell Wilson – Denver Broncos

In a lackluster game between Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos on Thursday, it was Russell Wilson who could’ve decided the outcome of the game in favor of his team in OT, but failed to read KJ Hamler explicit movement. In a game where no TouchDown was scored, Wilson has once again taken the fall for his team. 

With the score being at 12-9 in favor of the Colts. In the decisive minutes it was Wilson and the Broncos who had the ball to decide the winners. However, call it Colts’ game-plan for Wilson’s miserable acumen (on this occasion), it was Indianapolis who have sealed another big win in their 22-23 campaign. 

KJ Hamler throws his helmet on the floor in frustration 

KJ Hamler made a move past the Colts’ defense, who had even previously locked up and forced [Patrick Mahomes to make an error. With him running into open space, all Hamler required was a pass from Wilson, or at least a sight to have spotted him, making that run towards the red zone. 

Perhaps KJ Hamler’s frustration sums up the entire mood of the Denver Broncos’ fan base towards a player who the franchise has paid over $230 Million to acquire in the recently concluded offseason. With this loss on Thursday, Broncos have drop back-to-back games and are sitting with a tally of 2-3. 

Will KJ Hamler and Russell Wilson’s chemistry be on point in Week 6? Will the Denver Broncos be able to finally secure a win to save their 2022-23 campaign? Remains to be seen. 

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