“Put Dan Snyder in prison for life”- NFL fans troll Dan Snyder and the Commanders for an absurd statue of Sean Taylor

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Dan Snyder is surely enduring his worst days as the Washington Commanders owner. When many thought his misery might just be behind him? Dan has found a new way to get himself roasted by NFL Fans.

Dan Snyder

When the Washington Commanders announced that they wanted to honor legendary Sean Taylor for his work. A player who stands as a legend for the franchise for a franchise until the last day he played, before his tragic death in 2007, a statue could be the perfect way to symbolize his contribution and importance.

However, with an opportunity in site, Dan Snyder seems to have thrown away his name and goodwill in the air once again. While many had good thoughts behind it, the “memorial installation” is nothing more than a wire mannequin fixture adorned with Sean Taylor’s jersey and helmet of the former team nickname in a glass case. There’s little that’s emblematic of Taylor, either, including his signature taped facemask look. But is that how you pay your tribute?

NFL Fans roast Dan Snyder for dishonoring Commanders legend Sean Taylor

Adding to the poor execution is the fact that the jersey worn in the memorial is that of a uniform Sean Taylor never actually wore.

Sean Taylor

That’s the level of disgrace Dan Snyders’ unit added. Nike took over uniform designs for the league beginning in 2012, meaning the Nike Washington uniform isn’t one that Taylor ever put on. On the same note, fans brutally called out the culprits, take a look at how fans reacted on this mess-

With Dan Snyder on the verge of facing the most brutal axing, the latest actions has only made his reputation go further down in mud.

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