Julian Edelman drops major hint upon potential comeback to NFL

Having spent 12-years with New England Patriots, Julian Edelman decided to hang up his boots after the end of 2021 season. We have already seen players participate in the league in their late 30s, especially handful of them have even blossomed.

Julian Edelman

Now with the 45-year-old legend, Tom Brady struggling to find reliable players in his O-Line, perhaps Julian Edelman could be one of the most surprising people to bring in the much-required help for the 7xSuper Bowl Champ.

On the same note, he teased all modern-day fans with a possible return, saying, “Might have to do a part two on this- I don’t know. There’s about 12 plays a game, I guarantee I could get open and catch a ball right now. Because we all know football season starts after Thanksgiving.”

Will Julian Edelman be a good addition in the 2022-23 season?

Knowing that this episode would stream after the Thanksgiving holidays, Edelman was wise to tease fans of a possible return. As teams would be looking to add whatever weapons possible for the knockout stage.

If Edelman does return, he would surely be looking to join a team which could feature in the playoffs. Now, both of his options could be in the mix – New England Patriots as well as Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where his former teammate seems to be majorly struggling.

Julian Edelman

That being said, one needs to acknowledge that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers don’t have much competition for the division title and the AFC East is arguably the best division in football. Perhaps something Julian Edelman would consider before making a comeback. Moreover, playing with Brady is already something he did experience when he played with Cam Newton and Mac Jones in consecutive seasons.

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