“I’m sick of the Jalen Hurts slander”- NFL Analyst is not happy Micah Parsons’ comments about the Eagles QB

Micah Parsons and Jalen Hurts
Micah Parsons and Jalen Hurts

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Jalen Hurts might be the leading MVP candidate, having already shown signs of being a great passer and distributer. While he has gathered applause from plenty of places and his turned critics into fans, there is one man who still doesn’t understand the hype made around Philadelphia Eagles’ #1 Quarterback.

Micah Parsons
Micah Parsons

For those who are not aware, when Micah Parsons was recently on the Voncast with Von Miller, the former suggested that Hurts is leading the MVP race due to the team’s ‘system and players’ than his individual talents. This just goes onto add how Parsons is one of the few he just can’t believe the hype and improvement Hurts has caught.

Jalen Hurts hasn’t only broken records, but he could very well lead his side to a 13-1 tally even before he has turned 25. This is just why NFL Analyst Kimberley A. Martin did not want any disrespect attached to the concerned QB’s name.

Kimberley A. Martin comes out to defend Jalen Hurts

Kimberley A. Martin said on the latest episode of Get Up, “I’m just going to say it now, I’m sick of the Jalen Hurts slander. I am sick of it, because here is the thing – when you look at Josh Allen’s numbers before S. Diggs they weren’t as good as what they are now… Jalen Hurts is out here, and for him to be the guy to answer whether he can just be the starting QB in Philly.”

Martin added, “Not only has he proven that to be the case, he’s proven like – Guess what I’m pretty damn good, guess what – I’m good enough to be the MVP candidate…our team is good enough to the Super Bowl candidate.”

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Jalen Hurts

Will we witness Jalen Hurts answering Parsons on the field, with yet another stellar performance? Remains to be seen.

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